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Video Projector Running on a Lithium Battery - Charged by a Solar Panel - Film Evangelism in Different Languages

GNPI is a ministry does not sell these Solar Kits. They receive donations to buy them so they can reach people with the gospel. I am listing this as an idea that other people can possibly do the same idea to reach others with the gospel.

From the beginning, GNPI has been motivated by the concept of strategic evangelism: using carefully designed and planned processes to share the gospel with all people, everywhere. One of the first projects that grew out of that desire was the Solar Kit. Over the past 40 years, the impact of this strategic resource has continued to grow around the world.

What Is a Solar Kit?
A Solar Kit includes a projector which runs on a lithium battery (charged by a solar panel), cables, a set of speakers, and a waterproof case with a screen built into the lid. Each kit weighs 13 pounds and is about the size of a shoebox. GNPI provides not only Solar Kits but also media in a variety of languages for different cultures, so kingdom workers can present the gospel in the most helpful way to the people they’re serving.

How Does It Work?
Because they’re easy to transport and don’t require electricity, Solar Kits can be taken into rural villages, remote jungles, refugee camps, and any other region of the world where electricity is scarce. One of our ministry partners, Simmi Dhingra, said, “The Solar Kit provides an attraction for our outreach in northern India. The children come first. They pay attention and ask so many questions. Then, they invite the pastors to come to their homes to share about Christ. God is blessing our work.”

Around 780 million people worldwide are illiterate today. Even if the Bible has been translated into their native language, they’re not able to read it. That’s why a visual presentation of the gospel, like the one we show on our Solar Kits, is a powerful tool for reaching these people. It’s one of the most meaningful and relevant ways they can learn about Jesus.

Since 1981, GNPI has mobilized more than 600 solar powered media kits in 50 different nations. They’ve been instrumental in evangelism, church planting, and leadership training around the world. Allen Sappington, a ministry partner, writes, “We carried them to jungle villages and islands on horseback, on our backs, in dugout canoes, in small planes, and on four-wheel drive trucks. The Solar Kit is a miracle for our Floating Bible Schools ministry in San Blas Islands, Panama. Nearly 150 people have made decisions for Christ.”

Although the initial appeal of the Solar Kit in many places is the novelty of a moving picture, there’s much more to the story. As the gospel is shared and faith is stirred, new communities of Christ-followers are being formed. Another team member said, "It’s amazing what the Lord is doing through this little yellow kit! We trained our partners, gave them the kits, and the Holy Spirit is doing the rest."

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