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Ten Evangelistic Videos In Portuguese

COMEV's Top Ten
Kerry Anderson wrote:

In regards to your request for the top 10 videos that are evangelistic in nature for missionary use, our team (COMEV) has come up with what they feel are good productions, well liked by Brazilians, and evangelistically effective. They are in no specific order or ranking.

1. Cruz e o Punhal - Cross & The Switchblade
2. A Final de Tudo - Final Exit
3. Anos da Besta - Years of the Beast
4. No Meio da Tempestade - In The Midst of the Storm
5. Bambus No Inverno - Bamboo In Winter
6. Armadilha - Caught
7. Clamor Na Montanha - Cry From the Mountain
8. Bilhete de Amor - Love Note
9. De Olho No Futuro - Future Tense
10. O Peregrino - Pilgrim's Progress

Hope this helps you out. It is hard to pick our best 10 when we carry over 200 titles, but these came to mind first.

God bless,
Kerry Anderson

Contact info:
Comunicacoes Evang´┐Żlicas (COMEV)
Rua Comemdador Norberto Jorge, 40
04602-020 Sao Paulo, S.P.
ph: (011) 542-8611
fax: (011) 530-7629
(Pal-M & NTSC/VHS Video)
Kerry Anderson
Dick Dole

They are the main distributor of Christian videos in Brazil and have a nice catalog. Please ask for their free catalog.

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