Watch Christian Films and Videos Streamed Online

180 Movie
The 180 Movie is an award-winning documentary produce by Living Waters. It's evangelistic and carries a unique pro-life message. Watch this 33-minutes video on this website.

Christian Video Tracts
This is a useful site to those who want to share Jesus Christ using the internet. On this site, you can find Christian gospel tracts in video form and embed the link to your website. You can also send these tracts to your friends and family via email.

ChristianAnswers.Net Streaming Video & Audio
This page has video streams and audio streams that you can order online. You can use these videos for evangelism and other ministry purposes.

Create International
Create International produces multilingual evangelistic films for unreached people groups around the world. They also have evangelistic presentations made available for viewing via online video streaming.

Creation Ministries International
CMI supports the church in proclaiming the truth of the Bible and its Gospel message by providing real-world answers to the most-asked questions in the vital area of creation/evolution. You can see a range of Christian videos, and you can also download their professionally produced 60-second audio files to play on your own radio programs, church website or even personal website.

Forgotten Christmas
Forgotten Christmas is a series of videos reminding the people about the real essence of Christmas. You can download the videos from this website. You can share the videos and encourage others to remember the most important part of Christmas: the gift of our Savior.

GodTube is similar to YouTube only that in GodTube all videos are Christian-related. There are Christian music videos, ministry videos, movies, inspirational videos, sermons and many more. I do not endorse all the videos on this website.

Online video streaming and other video resources are available at Indigitech. These videos are great for evangelistic use. Look for these resources under the Resources link.

Jesus Film
You may watch the Jesus film and The Story of Jesus for Children online here in hundreds of languages.
Check out's video tracts. You can watch these tracts online for free on their website.

NW Creation Network
You can get free online videos on this website. The films and educational documentaries found on this website may be used as witnessing tool to answer questions about evolution in biblical way.
You can watch evangelistic video streams on this site for free. You can also talk to their staff if you have questions about the Bible or God.

The HOPE (English)
The HOPE is an 80-minute dramatic presentation of God's epic story of redemption as revealed in the Bible. Watch the video stream on these websites.

The HOPE (Spanish)
The HOPE is an 80-minute dramatic presentation of God's epic story of redemption as revealed in the Bible. Watch the video stream on this website.

Watch Christian Films Online in Hundreds of Languages
You can watch full length Christian films on this page. The films here are made available in different languages so missionaries can use them to reach out to different groups.

Way of the Master
Watch on-the-street witness encounters on Way of the Master website. These are live witnessing conducted by the Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, or other Way of the Master staff.

World Christian Video Directory


If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact