Solar Powered Video Projectors

Project Solar Kits
This page provides information and details about Good News Productions International's project, the solar kit. Please put the word solar or kit in the search engine.

Videos Online Regarding Solar Kits
This page in YouTube has a list of videos related to solar kits.

How Does A Solar Kit Work?
GNPI explains in this video how a solar kit works.

Missionaries use Solar Kits in Planting Churches
Amy and Terry Ruff are missionaries in Ghana, Africa. They shared in this video their experience of their use of GNPI's Solar Kits in training local church leaders to plant church in their own villages.

Solar Kit Promotional
This is a promotional video about solar kits. Solar Kits are designed to take the Gospel where the Gospel is not and where there is no electricity. Local people can see and hear about the life and teachings of Jesus (some for the very first time) using their local language and customs.

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