Renew Outreach Video Projection Systems, Lightstream Wifi Hotspot, Solar Audio Bible, and Training



Vista Projector Systems

Each of our Vista systems has everything that you need to do Gospel movie presentations in remote areas without electricity. Each system includes a projector, speakers, lithium battery, and optional solar panel.

Lightstream Wifi Hotspot

Renew World Outreach

The LightStream distributes Gospel media onto cellphones using 3 methods: Wifi, MicroSD Cards, and Bluetooth. The LightStream creates its own Wifi network that people can use to access its library of media.

Micro Sd Cards

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Micro SD cards are small memory chips that can hold enormous amounts of digital media. Most of the world’s cell phones have Micro SD card slots, which makes them a great way to share Gospel media content. Once one person gets the media onto their phone, they can easily share it from phone to phone, initiating a viral spread of the Gospel!

Solar Audio Bibles – Torch

Renew World Outreach

The Torch combines a flashlight, lantern, and an Audio Bible into one versatile solar-powered device to share the Gospel.

Solar Audio Bibles – Papyrus

The durable Papyrus Solar Audio Player is small enough to fit in the hand and powerful enough to be heard by up to 200 listeners at a time!

Vimeo Channel

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Multiply Training

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Renew Health Promotion

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