Solar Powered DVD and VCD Player with a 8.5 Inch Screen

The solar powered DVD and VCD Player with a 8.5 inch screen described below is available from: The God's Story Project

Psalm 96:3 "Declare His glory...His wonders among all people."

We do not use a generator. Our unique call is to provide what we call Evangelist Backpacks. These solar powered set ups show a VCD or DVD on a player with a pop-up screen. These are 8.5 inch screens which are especially useful for home groups up to 50. We used it in October in India and I was in one room with about 70 people. All watched our 80 minute God's Story program of the Bible in rapt attention. Interestingly most were city folks who had access to technology. In the villages of India, Nepal, Honduras Africa and Haiti where less technology is available, we have reports of crowds of 100 or more watching God's Story on 8.5 inch screen. The more remote the people, the more a small screen will work.

Evangelist Backpack - $471 US

This Village-Size Pack carries a VCD player, God's Story on Video CD (VCD), a solar panel and a battery power source. These items enable an evangelist to deliver the Gospel via God's Story to homes and gatherings in remote areas where there is no electricity.

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