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Solar Powered DVD and VCD Player with a 4� to 7� screen

The solar powered DVD and VCD Player with a 4� to 7� screen described below is available from: The God's Story Project

Psalm 96:3 "Declare His glory...His wonders among all people."

We do not use a generator. Our unique call is to provide what we call Evangelist Backpacks. These solar powered set ups show a VCD or DVD on a player with a pop-up screen. These are 4"-7" screens which are especially useful for home groups up to 50. We user the 7" this October in India and I was in one room with about 70 people. All watched our 80 minute God's Story program of the Bible in rapt attention. Interestingly most were city folks who had access to technology. In the villages of India, Nepal, Honduras Africa and Haiti where less technology is available we have reports of crowds of 100 or more watching God's Story on 4" screen. The more remote the people, the more a small screen will work.

We have a PA (powered amplifier) that goes with the Backpack that we say can be heard clearly up to 500' feet away, but we just had a missionary in Bolivia report that they have measured the distance you can hear well at 300 meters! The PA has a wireless mic and a hand held mic as well, so the evangelist/pastor can preach and then an interpreter can have a mic to speak as well. These have their own internal battery and then can plug into a 12 volt battery that comes in the Backpack. The 12 volt battery can be charged off a wall socket or off of the flexible solar panel that comes with the Backpack. We also include a 12 volt light.

The player will go through the 80-minute program 3 times on its battery and the 12 volt battery. At the same time the PA will keep going for 6-7 hours. If one keeps the solar panel charging the battery while in use it will almost play nonstop if there is decent sunlight.

Our full Evangelist Backpack weighs 20 lbs and costs from $515 to $828 depending on the screen size and if a PA is wise for the area in which it will be used.

The cost depends on whether you want a 4, 5 or 7 inch screen and if you want a PA or not. Range is $520 to $820 plus aprox $31 shipping.

Evangelist Backpack - $595.00�

This Village-Size Pack carries a VCD player, God's Story on Video CD (VCD), a solar panel and a battery power source. These items enable an evangelist to deliver the Gospel via God's Story to homes and gatherings in remote areas where there is no electricity! Optional PA with wireless mic projects sound clearly to 500 feet.

PA (powered amplifier) - $175.00���


Small in size, powerful in reach! This PA fits into our Evangelist Backpack and clearly heard by people 500 feet away. Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word of God.� Reach hundreds with the Gospel using the wireless mic included with this PA. Extra plug-ins allow for another mic and the VCD player to be heard through the PA.

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