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Michigan District reaching the lost showing the JESUS film in a mall kiosk

Lansing, Michigan
The small, stand-alone rental spaces dotting the main thoroughfares of malls often feature hand creams, cell phone accessories, or jewelry. However, a kiosk located in Meridian Mall near Lansing, Michigan, is offering a different service - hope. As part of the Meridian Marketplace Strategy, Director R. Mark Montgomery and some dedicated volunteers kicked off a JESUS kiosk November 1st.
The project is as simple as renting kiosk space in a mall, putting the JESUS film on a loop, and letting the Holy Spirit begin to work. The Michigan District did just this with encouraging preliminary results. The kiosk is equipped with televisions featuring the JESUS film in various languages such as American Sign Language, Mandarin, Hindi, and Arabic. The "He Cares We Care" kiosk is operational from 9:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. and staffed with volunteers for a portion of the time. Comment cards are collected throughout the day. Often the volunteers are able to pray with visitors.
People have requested prayer for homelessness, job needs, obedience, strength for service to Christ, stress, seizures, confusion about God, foster custody court cases, cancer, families, marriages, churches, the lost, world peace, depression, and disconnected utilities. People have requested more information about Jesus and indicated they are looking for a spiritual family. The kiosk has served as a source of encouragement for volunteers and shoppers alike.
One shopper wrote, "Before I came (and visited the kiosk), I felt the world did not care; now I feel there are people who care." Another commented, "We need this ... the world is a mess." One woman felt "lost, in need of prayer", and said she felt better by the end of her visit. Another testified to "warmth, comfort, and sense of peace" during her visit, and a fourth testified to his faith being "confirmed".
"We're just trying to listen to the voice of Jesus and simply follow Him into the marketplace," Montgomery said, "which is one of the places He is working."
Montgomery worked with Michigan District Superintendent John Seaman and district leadership to implement the outreach plan.
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