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Living Waters and Ray Comfort Online Videos

$15.5M for 2 Years in Solitary #540

1,300 DVD's given out in 30 minutes

10 out of 10 People Die

10 Worst Places to be a Christian in 2014

100% Update for Audacity

15 Things to NEVER Say to an Atheist [Banana Man Responds

180 Movie

180 DVD Giveaway

180 Facebook Profile Picture

180 Giveaway: UCLA

180 in Russian

180 in Ukranian

180 is Eye Opening & Jaw Dropping

180 Lives Saved, Minds Changed

180 Mijenjanje srca nacije - Trailer (Croatian)

180 Mijenjanje srca nacije (Croatian)

180 Movie

180 Movie (Korean Subtitles)

180 Movie Business Cards

180 Película (Spanish Version)

180 PreRelease

180 Study Guides are in!

180 The full Interview with Alicia

180 Trailer

180 Trailer I Would Shoot Him and Tear Him Apart

180 Trailer Stop it! Stop talking like a Jew!

180 Ultrasound

180's Given out at Local High School

3D Clock

3D Train

4,000 Year Old Proof Noah's Ark Was a Fraud?

40 Years of Open-Air Preaching Trailer

42 Jackie Robinson #560

6.5 Million Species Fit in the Ark?

7 Reasons

7 Reasons Pro-Life Movie | Extra Footage

A 15-Year-Old’s Amazing Conversion

A 15-Year-Old's Amazing Conversion

A Blind Man Learns He Can See

A Christian Changes an Atheist's Mind

A Christian Friend Doesn't Like How I Witness #474

A Christian Look at Hinduism, Part 1

A Christian Look at Hinduism, Part 2

A Cult?

A Difficult Day at the beach

A Divine Encounter

A Good Person Who Tells Lies and Looks with Lust

A Lesbian Atheist Changes her Mind

A Lesson from The Moment of Truth

A Lie is a Lie, no Matter How Sly #378

A Militant Atheist... Converted to Christianity

A Minute of Comfort: Confronting the Self-Righteous

A Minute of Comfort: Icy Water

A Minute of Comfort: Lazarus and the Rich Man

A Minute of Comfort: Seeking the approval of men

A Minute of Comfort: What Should We Tell the Lost?

A Minute of Comfort: When Witnessing Goes Wrong

A Part of Me Thinks They Don't Have a Choice

A Powerful Lesson From ER

A Really Cool Idea

A Roman Catholic says, I’ve been reincarnated a couple of times

A Second Chance After Death

A Truly Christ-Honoring Wedding

A Universalist and a Christian Have a DEEP Conversation

A woman married the Eiffel Tower!?

A Young Man Finds Hope in God

A Young Ray Comfort - 14 Minutes that will Transform Your Christian Life

A Young Ray Comfort and His Foot-breaking Bible

A Young Ray Comfort Shares a Life-Changing Principle

Aaron is Famous in Heaven #405

Aborted babies go to heaven? #295

Abortion Protestor Talks with Ray Comfort

Abortion: The Answer to Infestation?

Abraham: He thought that God was depressed

Aggressive Atheist Skateboarders vs. Christian Evangelist

Albert Brainstein (Kids Tract)

All four WOTM seasons now on USB!

Altar Calls? #344

Amazing Glenn Beck Interview: Mind-Blowing!

Amazing Grace Flash Mob!

Amazing Tool to Help Anyone Open-air Evangelize

Ambassadors' Academy

Ambassadors’ Academy Recap – 2018

America’s Greatest Sin…it’s not what you think

An Agnostic Becomes A Christian #360

An Atheist asks (the God he Doesn't Believe in) a Question

An Atheist asks God (in whom he doesn’t believe) why it is people die in natural disasters

An Atheist Asks If Good People go to Hell

An Atheist asks the God he doesn’t believe exists, why He gives children terminal diseases

An Atheist asks Whose prayers does God answer?

An Atheist asks why it is that loved ones die, despite our prayers

An Atheist Asks, If a Killer Who Genuinely Repents Should be Able to go to Heaven

An Atheist asks, If a Kind-hearted Atheist Will Be Sent to Hell

An Atheist asks, If it’s ultimately God’s will what happens, why even bother praying?

An Atheist asks, If your child is dying, would you pray or go to a doctor?

An Atheist Asks, Is Fred Phelps in Heaven?

An Atheist asks, Would prayer ever bring back an amputated limb?

An Atheist asks, Would you be happy in Heaven, if someone you loved is in Hell?

An Atheist Changes Her Mind in Just Over One Minute

An Atheist Changes His Mind About a God in 40 seconds!

An Atheist Forgets She's an Atheist

An Atheist Gets His Evidence

An Atheist Has His Prayer Answered

An Atheist Questions Where Morals Come From

An Atheist Repents #380

An Atheist talks about Hurricanes and Changes His Mind about God

An Atheist talks to God about Jesus being on Toast

An Atheist’s Conversion

An Eloquent Atheist Changes his Mind. A fascinating dialogue

An Important Message From Ray and E.Z.

An Open-Air: Start to Finish

Andre the Giant Sinner

Angry with the Builder

Another Intelligent Atheist Changes His Mind

Another Interview with God

Answering Evolution Trailer

Answers for Skeptics - Is Hell Justified? #446

Answers to Jewish Questions! #424

Anyone can be good and anyone can be bad

Anything Is Possible If You Believe In It

Apologetics with Matt Slick #371

Applebee's Fires Waitress #515

Are Christians Narrow-minded?

Are Christians Too Obsessed with Guns?

Are Dinosaurs Mentioned in the Bible?

Are Homosexuals tolerant?

Are Jehovah's Witnesses a Cult? #453

Are Jesus & Satan brothers? #443

Are Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort still together?

Are Love & Sex the Same Thing?

Are Mormons Christians? #438

Are Muslims wrong?

Are Open-Air Sneak Attacks Biblical?

Are People Born Gay? #439

Are Tattoos a Sin? #537

Are You A Good Person?

Are You a Good Person? - Assyrian

Are You a Good Person? - Cantonese

Are You a Good Person? - Greek

Are You a Good Person? - Hmong (KOJ PUAS YOG NEEG ZOO?)

Are You a Good Person? - Kiswahili

Are You a Good Person? - Macedonian

Are You a Good Person? - Maltese

Are You a Good Person? - Myanmar (formerly Burmese)

Are You a Good Person?" Georgian

Are you afraid of dying?

Are you worth dying for? #305

Arnold Hears the Gospel! #434

Arnold Schwarzenegger commends Audacity

As an atheist, I Refuse to Believe in the Invisible Sky Daddy

As Christians, should we always obey authorities?

As long as you're sincere . . .

Asarn, the Blaspheming Atheist

Asking Jesus into Your Heart Isn’t Enough

At what age does the human heart start to beat? #260

Ateist Illusionen Filmen (The Atheist Delusion in Swedish)

Ateisticka Zabluda (The Atheist Delusion in Serbian)

Atheism can't account for morality

Atheism DESTROYED...With One Simple Question!

Atheism makes perfect sense

Atheist changes his mind in less than a minute

Atheist Delusion - School DVD Giveaway

Atheist Delusion Filmmaker Q&A

Atheist Delusion LIVE PREMIERE from Ark Encounter

Atheist Delusion Video Study

Atheist Delusion: DVDs RELEASED TODAY!

Atheist Delusion: Why to Download Now

Atheist Gets a "sign" as Ray Comfort Preaches

Atheist Group Grows by 130%

Atheist Monument Unveiled

Atheist questions Darwinism after hearing Kirk Cameron

Atheist Skateboarder Squirms Under the Law

Atheist Time Square Billboard

Atheist vs. Christian – Fascinating Public Debate

Atheist's Definition of Morality #349

Atheists Have No Holidays

Atheists Warn Not to Watch Ray Comfort’s New Film


Audacity - Behind the Scenes (2015) HD - Ray Comfort

Audacity - Full Movie (2015) HD - Ray Comfort

Audacity - God Did It!

Audacity - Official Release Trailer (2015)

Audacity - Official Release Trailer (2015) HD - Ray Comfort

Audacity (Spanish) – Trailer Lanzamiento Oficial (2015) HD – Ray Comfort

Audacity Crowdfunding Campaign

Audacity Video Study

Audacity—Behind the Scenes (Elevator)

August '17 Academy Recap

Ay! Chihuahua #548

Baby Bumps, E.Z.'s Aging, & Blaming God

Balancing Apologetics and Evangelism

Banana Man Special

Baptism ?s for Cults

Basic Training Course

Batman's Butler & Mysteries of Life

Beg for Forgiveness

Behind the scenes look at Living Waters

Behind the Scenes with Ray Comfort

Behind the Scenes: Brand-New Training Course!

Being a Missionary to Your City #470

Being Led by the Spirit #534

Ben Affleck and a "Higher Power" #416

Best Christian App Ever

Best Wedding Video EVER!!!

Beyonce #516

Bible "Mistakes" & "Errors"

Bibles and Beers? #399

Big Bang Crack-pot

Big Bang's 'Smoking Gun' Discovered?

Big News!

Bikers Get Good News

Bill Gates Open-Air

Bill Maher & Childish Myths #503

Bill Maher Trashes Noah... & God

Bill Nye & Bill Maher Blast Creationists!

Bill Nye (Science Guy) Hammers Creationists #425

Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham - LIVE Interview

Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham | LIVE Interview

Black Friday + Horus + Stephen Hawking

Blake Koch from Nascar

Blast from the past!

Bob Cates juggles child ...then disappears!

Bold Preacher Calls Out a False Prophet!

Bold Preaching -- Is it Unloving?

BOMBSHELL! SBC Pastor's Son: "I'M GAY"

Bono Said WHAT About Jesus?!

Boston Marathon Tragedy #559

Brad Pitt - The Prodigal Son #509

Brad Pitt gets a gospel tract. #327

Brand-New Gospel Tracts That Make Evangelism Easy!

Brandon’s Special Gift

BREAKING NEWS: Big Bang Evidence Proven WRONG?

BREAKING NEWS: Croc-O-Duck Discovered!

Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Bring 180-Sunday to your church

Bruce Jenner isn't alone

BTS: "Banana Man" the Book

Buckling the Bible Belt #571

Buffalo Police stops Tract Distribution #348


but I've said 10 Hail Marys!

Can a false teacher lead someone to Christ?

Can an All-Loving God Send People to an Eternal Hell?

Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?

Can Christians Cuss?

Can I baptize myself?

Can I Be Saved? #563

Can I Have Another One? (LW Tracts)

Can someone who is pro-life also support the death penalty?

Can We Trust the Bible?

Can We Trust the Bible? by Living Waters

Can We Trust 'World Vision'?

Can You Handle the Truth?

Can you lose your salvation? #266

Can You Smoke Marijuana? #487

Can't We Just Do Church at Home?

Car Show Evangelism #307

Caught In A Lie

Celebrities Get Tracts

Celebrity Intelligence Test

Cerebral Aneurysm Doesn’t Stop Him Preaching

Change Your What?

Changing Lives on Halloween!

Charles Darwin Reincarnated?

Charles Spurgeon on Parenting

Charles Spurgeon on Prayer

Chick-fil-A Controversy Rages On! #402


Choice Spoken Word Poetry

Choosing Life: A “180” Story

Christian Bale Trash Talks Moses

Christian Bale's "Exodus" Movie

Christian Gives ONE Answer That Closes Pro-Choicer’s Mouth

Christian Street Evangelism: “All of This Is a Fallacy”

Christians and Suicide?

Christians Are Too Narrow-Minded!

Christians should thank abortion practitioners

Christians Use the Bible to Justify Abortion #359

Christmas Gone Viral

Christmas Gone Viral - Full Movie (2017) HD

Christmas Gone Viral - Official Trailer (2017)

Christmas Greeting

Christopher Hitchens: Jesus Never existed

Chuck Smith: Leaving a Legacy

Church Event Evangelism

Church Shopping #501

Cindy from GENIUS - The Movie

Circular Reasoning 101

College student accuses Mark Spence of Circular Reasoning

College student admits rape might be a beautiful thing!

Come To Transformed

Comfort with a Price

Comic-Con Outreach - July 22, 2017

Comic-Con Outreach 2016

Common Objections to Chrisitianity Answered Live with Mark Spence

Communion & Salvation

Comparing the Quran to the Bible

Compelled by Compassion: Viewing homosexuals through the eyes of Jesus

Comunicando el Evangelio Marcos

Confraternidad de Pescadores sin Peces

Connecticut School Shooting... Why??? #494

Conquer your fears, share your face.

Couldn't God Have Used Evolution?

Cowboys & Indian

Crafting the Message (WDJD)

Crazed Leprechaun gives away Pot of Gold

Crazy Bible Movie

Creationists on Bill Nye #447

Creationists Taunt Atheists w. Billboard

Creative Christmas Outreach Ideas! #486

Creative Fourth of July Outreach Idea

Creative July 4th Outreach Idea

Crock-O-Duck Attack!

Curious Girl Asks Ray Challenging Questions

Curved Illusion (Tract Promo)

Dallas Cowboys Evangelism! #485

Darwin’s Racism

David's Letter to His Dead Dad #317

Dawkins on Nothing... Kinda

De fil Noach | Noah Movie (Dutch Subtitles)

Deacons, Decisions, and Depression #314

Death Bed' Professions of Faith #306

Deathbed Evangelism #547

Debate Introduction

Decorating Goats

Deep down in my heart I'm a good person.

Deeper 2010: Above All

Deeper 2010: Communicating Jesus in a Secular World

Deeper 2010: Dogs, Donkeys, Dreamers, and Jesus

Deeper 2010: Jesus Alone is Good

Deeper 2010: The Incarnation of Christ

Deeper 2010: Ultimate Proof

Deeper Conference - September 11-12, 2009

Deeper Conference (October 14-15, 2011)

Defense Attorneys

Defrosting the Frozen Chosen

Denying God...Has NOTHING to do with Logic

Devon Smillie (Pro BMX rider): The Wildest Yet!!

Did a snake actually talk in the Bible?

Did Adam Have a Belly Button? #506

Did Gentiles Make it to Heaven Before Christ? #419

Did God "Wind Up" the Universe & Leave?

Did Jesus Claim to be God?

Did Jesus practice Friendship Evangelism?

Did Jesus Return as a Brazilian?

Did You Paint That?

Die Hard Organized Religion #527

Dirty Rotten Sinners? #312

Discipleship with Special Guest Dave Doyle #477

Disneyland Gets the Gospel!

Divine Encounter @ Home Depot

Divine Justice & the Jehovah's Witness Trailer

Do Atheists Have Faith?

Do Atheists Have Faith? by Living Waters

Do Catholics Worship Mary?

Do Christians need to keep the Law?

Do Pets Go to Heaven? #508

Do you ever consider suicide?

Do you ever doubt God's existence?

Do you ever think about?

Does Bad Happen Because of My Sin?

Does baptism save us?

Does Christianity Cause Wars?

Does Christianity Cause Wars? by Living Waters

Does Forgiving Mean Forgetting? #381

Does Global Warming Cause Hurricanes?

Does God Hate Satan?

Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

Does God help those who help themselves?

Does God owe us an Answer?

Does God Want Us All Rich?

Does Open-Air Preaching Turn People Away from God? #323

Does Purgatory Exist? #484

Does the “Sinner’s Prayer” Work?

Does the Bible have many Interpretations? #320

Does the Sabbath Still Apply?

Does Time Forgive Sin? #391

Does Tree Ring Dating Disprove the Bible?

Dog Trivia & Training Tract

Dogs Can Talk Movie

Dogs Can Talk -Trailer

Dolphins Are People Too!?

Don’t End Your Life

Donald Sterling - LA Clippers Rant

Don't be Afraid to Share Your Faith

Don't end your life

Don't Hang up on Telemarketers #318

Don't Make a Monkey Outta Me! #517

Don't Mormons & JWs Call on Jesus?

Don't Throw the Chair at the Dog

Don't Waste Your Cancer #370

Don't Watch It!

Don't watch this movie

Door 2 Door

Dope, Gods, and Pyramids

Doubting Your Own Salvation

Dr. Phil 'Bets' on Faith

Driver Thinks He Can Make It Past a Train

Driving Life Hacks...this could save your life

Dump your pro-choice girlfriend.

Easily reach hundreds with the gospel this Halloween!

Easter Outreach Kits

Ends of the Earth #412

Ends of the Earth Part 2 #413

Enraged atheist BLOWS UP on Ray Comfort

EPIC debate! 86-year-old Atheist Scientist vs. Christian

Eric Dane on his mysterious depression

Eric Hovind Reacts to "EXI

Eternal Life by Robotics #396

Ethan: The likable, fornicating Mormon

Evangelism after School Shooting

Evangelism Is as Exciting as a Root Canal

Evangelism Styles? #538

Evangelism Tips for Women #297

Evangelism, but Where's the Discipleship? #300

Evangelism: Witnessing to a Homosexual

Evangephobia #549

Ever Afraid You'll Mess People Up?

Ever Cut Yourself? Attempted Suicide? There is Hope.

Everybody believes in their own god

Everybody Loves Patricia #475

Everyone goes to Heaven.

Everyone has the same god.

Evolucao vs DEUS (Portuguese)

Evolucija protiv Boga | Evolution vs. God (Croatian Subtitles)

Evolución vs. Dios (Spanish Version) HD

Evolution Intelligence Test

Evolution vs God

Evolution vs God School Giveaway

Evolution vs God" in Russian

Evolution Vs. God Movie

Evolution vs. God Movie (Chinese Subtitles)

Evolution vs. God Movie (Japanese Subtitles)

Evolution vs. God Movie (Korean Subtitles)

Evolution vs. God Premiere

Evolution Vs. God Trailer

Evolution vs. God" in Ukrainian

Evoluzione vs Dio Film (Evolution vs. God in Italian)

Ex-Comedian Unmasks Jesus

Exit the Appeal of Suicide

EXIT Video Study (4-Session Course)

EXIT: Official Trailer 2

EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide

EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide - Official Trailer (2017)

Ex-Pastor Plans to be an Atheist for 12 Months

Ex-Turkey Captive Andrew Brunson Prays Over Trump

Fair & Carnival Outreach!

False Doctrine & False Teachers

Family Christmas Outreach! #491

Famous Comedian Given 1 Year to Live

Fasting & Prayer

Fat Chance giveaway

Fatal Text Message #557

Final Audacity Shoot...We're Getting Close!

Find out why Whoopi Goldberg got it wrong

Finding Nemo's views on "Repressing Sexuality"

Fired After Giving Brad Pitt a Tract

Firefighter Lets Family Burn Alive

First Atheist Church Split

Fishless Fishermen’s Fellowship

Fishless Fishermen's Fellowship

Five Tips for Open-Air Evangelism

Flirty Fishing? #511

Following in the Steps of Paul, Peter...and Jesus

Former gang member now pastor - Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne testimony

Forty Days of Prayer for Murder? #325

FOUND: A “good person” who tells lies and looks with lust

Freedom from Offense

From an Amazing Scar to Amazing Grace

Fully Free Films

Funny Animals vs. Funny Humans

Furious Homosexual Catholic Goes Off on Ray Comfort About Pedophile Priests

Gates to Hell Found?! #553

Gay Adoption or Abortion?

Gay Church? #504

Gay Pride OREO Cookie #379

Gender Didn't Really Matter

Genij Genius (Croatian subtitles)


Genius (Japanese Subtitles)

Genius (Korean Subtitles)

Genius The Movie Trailer

Genius The Movie 'Trailer 2'

Genius The Movie 'Trailer 3'

Genuinely Good People Go to Heaven.

George Clooney & Hell #437

George Lucas -- Beyond the Stars #490

Getting Paid for Witnessing

Getting Your Prayers Answered #535

Giant Veteran Isn’t Afraid of Hell

Girl is shocked by street preacher Ray Comfort

God and Bible Series

God can't judge kids.

God Doesn't Believe in Atheists

God Doesn't Mean What He Says

God Forgives All, Right?

God Friended Me” Review

God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life - Book

God in Everything & Everything is God

God is Big @ the Box Office

God is for People Who Believe, But I’m Not a Religious Person

God is the overall energy everyone feels.

God Says "Go"—Pastor Says "No"

God’s a Liar and a Thief, and I’m a Good Person

God-Glorifying Science Trailer

God's Wonderful Plan--Not So Wonderful?

Godzilla was real! You won't believe this!

Going Overboard #567

Going Toe-to-Toe

Good people go to Heaven; bad people go to Hell

Good Works Don’t Save

Gosnell Verdict Reached

Gosnell Verdict Reached #573

Gospel Enrages UCLA Student

Gospel of Jesus' Wife

Gospel starts with "Go"

Government Says Atheism Religion

Government Violates Homeschoolers' Human Rights!

Grad Speech Infuriates Atheists

Grocery Store Evangelism

Halloween Outreaches from Around the World

Halloween Recap: Outreaches from Around the World

Handing out 180 on a Bike

Handling Discouragement

Has ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Gone Crazy?

Has Man Ever Created Anything? #352

Having Sex?

HB Open Air #21

HB Open Air #22 - Ray prays with Nigie

HB Pier - Mackenzie #19

He Came all the Way from China, for a Divine Appointment

He Couldn’t Answer an Atheist’s Question

He Couldn't Answer an Atheist's Question

He does NOT care about what Ray has to say

He faked being a Christian for 19 years

He has a Catholic mother, Christian father, and an Atheist brother

Heart Warming Kitten Rescue

Heartwarming... Just Heartwarming

Heaven Is for Gangsters

Heaven will be an eternity of boredom

Heaven? Yeah, That’s The Electromagnetic Field.

Hell Sounds Pretty Alright

Hell's Best Kept Secret

Hell's Best Kept Secret (Part 2)

Hell's Best Kept Secret... SONG!?

Help Bring "Way of the Master" Back to TV!

Help for the Bullied #556

Her father’s a pastor…and his prayers led to this

Hermeneutics & Other Big Words #531

Hero Receives Medal of Honor 40 Years After Death #350

He's done a whole lot for me!

Het leven van John Lennon (Nederlands ondertiteld) (Dutch)

Hey Man, This Was Enlightening!

High as a kite? You decide

Hillsong Pastor, Carl Lentz, Compromises on Murdering Children

His Days Are Numbered

His Nesting Place

His Shirt Says It All

Hitler had good intentions.

Hobby Lobby Wins Injunction!

Hollywood and God

Hollywood is only Joking

Hollywood Perspective

Homeschooling vs. Government Schooling

Honoring Memorial Day

Hope for Those With Cancer #541

Hope For Your Loved Ones

Horrifying Church Burnings in Egypt

Host a Premiere Party!

Host a Test Ccreening of "The Fool"

Hottest stuff on the planet

How Can I Believe If I Can't See? #483

How Can I Help My Teen Want to Follow God? #430

How do I know if I’m a Christian?

How Do I Witness to Grandma? #422

How Do I Witness? #570

How Do You Draw a Crowd? #436

How do you evangelize children?

How do you know you are right?

How do you protect yourself when evangelizing?

How do you respond to someone who doesn't believe in Hell?

How Do You Respond to This?!

How do you share the Gospel with a telemarketer?

How Far Is Too Far? #452

How Loud is Too Loud? #313

How Many Dots

How many gallons of ice cream will the average American eat in his lifetime? #261

How many Gods are there? #337

How much trash does the average American throw away?

How NOT to Give Out the Million Dollar Bill

How not to use Way of the Master #372

How Ray Discovered the Use of the Law

How to Avoid Being Murdered

How to Botch an Altar Call #429?

How to Deal with Tough Times

How to Draw All Four Beatles in 3 Minutes?

How to Feel God's Presence Instantly?

How to Fight Back Against Censorship of Prayer

How to Find God's Will for Your Life?

How to Freak out your Dentist!

How to get a Trillion Dollars!

How to get an unbeliever to Open Air preach?

How to Get On Fire for God

How to Get Passion for Souls?

How to Know God's Will?

How to Lust-Proof Your Heart #417

How to Overcome Fear

How to overcome Lust and Pornography (Part 1)?

How to overcome Lust and Pornography (Part 2)?

How to Preach Open Air

How to Spark a Street Team #502?

How to Speak to a Christian Atheist

How to Stay on Fire!

How to Stop Killers... Before They Kill #522

How to Survive Financial Struggles

How to Survive Raising Teens #536

How to use Science in Evangelism #304

How to Witness

How to witness at the Mall

How to Witness Effectively

How to Witness to a Jehovah’s Witness

How to witness to quiet people

How would you define failure in evangelism?

How Would You Do It?

How you were raised determines your faith

Hugh Hefner, Dead at 91

Hundreds of Thousands Hear a Ray Comfort Tract...From an Atheist!

Huntington Beach Open-Air #1

Huntington Beach Open-Air #2

Huntington Beach Open-Air #3

Huntington Beach Open-Air #4

Huntington Beach Open-Air #5

Huntington Beach Open-Air #6 - part 1

Huntington Beach Open-Air #6 - part 2

Huntington Beach Open-Air #7

Huntington Beach Open-Air #8

Huntington Beach Open-Air #10

Huntington Beach Open-Air #11 - Tank

Huntington Beach Open-Air #12 - Saved

Huntington Beach Open-Air #13 - Christian - part 1

Huntington Beach Open-Air #13 - Christian - part 2

Huntington Beach Open-Air #14 - Justin

Huntington Beach Open-Air #17

Huntington Beach Open-Air #18

Huntington Beach Outreach

Huntington Beach Riot

Hurt by a Church

I always steal and I don’t believe in Hell

I ask Him almost daily, ‘Don't send me to Hell!

I believe all religions are the same.

I Believe God is the Universal Consciousness & Learns Through Us

I Believe I Do Have Faith

I Believe in a Higher Power

I Believe In God And Evolution

I Believe in God and Reincarnation.

I Believe in Heaven but not Hell

I Believe in the Universe

I Believe in Total Oblivion.

I Can Always Repent When I’m Older

I Can't Find a Job

I Can't Read the Bible if I Die of Hunger

I don’t call it stealing

I don’t know where I’m going

I Don’t Think Hell Is That Bad

I don’t think there ever was nothing.

I Don’t Want to Die

I don't believe anyone can know God. #355

I Don't believe in God, but I do believe in a higher being.

I don't believe in Heaven or Hell.

I don't believe in Religion.

I Don't Care What the Bible says.

I don't know the purpose of man.

I Don't Know What it Means to be Born Again

I don't like talking about religion #471

I don't want God telling me what to do.

I Feel Like a Loser at Witnessing #450

I gave my life to the Lord.

I Got Cancer... Not Stupidity

I Hate Church!

I hate God because I don’t like rules

I Have a Crush... and I Shouldn't

I Have a Problem

I Have Killed Many Times...

I haven’t Accepted Christ into my Heart so I Know That I Would be Guilty.

I just don’t believe in God

I Just Hope I’m Brave Enough to Believe the Truth.”

I kind of flipped around

I Know You Don't Know #562

I love God, but I don’t believe in Jesus

I Love God—But Hate Organized Religion

I Love Jesus... and Porn

I Met Lucifer

I Might Get to Heaven if I Change the Life I Live

I study Buddhism and I go to church

I Teach Sunday School and I Don't Believe the Bible is True.

I think abortion is okay, and I’m pro-life

I Think About Hell Everyday

I Think Homosexual Marriage is Okay

I think I'm going to go to hell.

I Thought God Didn't Tempt?

I Used to Be a Christian #530

I Was a Bawling Mess

I was in 180

I was stealing to feed myself

I Was Wondering... #495

I wish I did this in college!

I Would Murder for Free.

I’d Rather Save a Dog’s Life Than a Human’s

I’ll See Ya In Hell Buddy

I’m A Christian, But I Don’t Read My Bible

I’m a Good Person in My Own Mind

I’m an animal!

I’m an Atheist because of my grandpa.

I’m an atheist until I find time to go back to Catholicism

I’m Catholic & I Believe My Good Outweighs My Bad

I’m God, But Explain How I Can Have Salvation

I’m Going to Heaven Because I Took LSD

I’m going to party with rock stars in Hell

I’m gonna come back as a bug

I’m Jewish & We Don’t Believe in Hell

I’m not perfect, I’m just forgiven.

I’m Not Sure If I’ve Been Born Again

I’m Repenting as We Speak

I’m Right with God In My Own Way

I’m Spiritual, But I’m Not Religious

I’m Thankful to MYSELF for my Life

I’m the worst a human being can be

I’m Too Good of A Person To Go To Hell

I’m Trying To Do Good Every Day

I’ve Already Tried Christianity

I’ve Been ‘Born Again’ Plenty of Times

I’ve been shot at and cut up a couple times

I’ve Kinda Given Up On God

I’ve never killed anyone

Iceland Proposes Porn Ban #529

If abortion is wrong why did God kill my baby?

If God is so great . . .

If He made me.

If You Only Had Days...

If you think you’re a Christian, you NEED to watch this!

If you’re a little discouraged, watch this

If you're a little discouraged, watch this

I'm A Christian On My Way to Hell

I'm a Curious Atheist...

I'm Agnostic... and Searching #505

'I'm an Atheist': Stephen Hawking

I'm Believing for a Lamborghini

I'm Gay and I Go to Church

I'm no longer an atheist

I'm Not a Bum; I'm a Human Being

I'm not good at starting conversations

I'm the Devil's Advocate

Important Comfort Zone Update

Important Message from Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort

In my past life I was an Indian warrior

Incinerating Babies for Electricity!?!

Indonesia Tsunami 2018 – Man Begs People to Flee

Inspiring Encounter: A Lesbian Atheist Changes Her Mind

Inspiring Encounter: An Atheist Forgets She’s an Atheist

Inspiring Encounter: Divine Appointment from China

Inspiring Encounter: Giant Veteran Isn’t Afraid of Hell

Inspiring Encounter: Good Friday Tag-team with Tyler

Inspiring Encounter: Mr. Muscles

Inspiring Encounter: Prophetic Evidence in Evangelism

Inspiring Teens Toward God #565

Instructions to Knowing God

Intelligent Atheist Changes Ray Comfort's Mind

Interviewing the Interviewer: Frank Sontag

Ireland Open-Air

Is a Divorcee Disqualified? #472

Is Abortion Ever Justified?

Is Abortion OK in Situations Like Rape? #409

Is Bacon Bad for... Christians?

Is Bloomberg Going to Heaven?

Is Christianity Responsible for the Majority of Wars in History? #389

Is David Bowie in Heaven?

Is Drinking a Sin? #514

Is Easter Pagan?

Is Ebola a Judgment from God?

Is Evangelism only for Evangelists? #449

Is Full-Time Ministry For Me? #507

Is Gambling a Sin? #539

Is Gandhi in Hell?

Is Gay Marriage a Right? #302

Is God a Mass Murderer?

Is God Unjust for Judging our Thoughts? #335

Is He Crazy?!? X-Files Star's Beer Ad.

Is it a Sin to Cuss? #543

Is It a Sin to Drink Beer?

Is It Casting Pearls to the Swine? #478

Is it Ever Wrong to Open Air Preach? #218

Is it Faith OR Repentance?!

Is it okay to say someone is in Hell?

Is it possible to be saved if there is no change?

Is it Wrong for a Christian to do Yoga?

Is it wrong to be rich? #340

Is It Wrong to Judge?

Is It Wrong to Judge? by Living Waters

Is Jeremy Lin good for the gospel?

Is Jesus Michael the Archangel? #458

Is Kavanaugh Guilty?

Is Kissing before Marriage a sin?

Is Mike really a Christian?

Is more than grace needed for salvation?

Is Neil deGrasse Tyson an atheist?

Is Praying the Rosary Scriptural?

Is rape an acceptable reason to have an abortion?

Is Reincarnation True?

Is Reincarnation True? by Living Waters

Is Sin God’s Fault?

Is Sin God's Fault? by Living Waters

Is That "Paul Ryan"...? #432

Is the Bible a Re-Write? #528

Is the Bible Sexist?

Is the Book of Mormon also God's Word? #433

Is the Eclipse a Sign of the End of the World?

Is the International Church of Christ a Cult? #341

Is the JW's version of the Bible valid? #466

Is the Muslim God the same as the God from the Bible? #324

Is 'The Way of the Master' the only way to share your faith? #299

Is There Absolute Truth?

Is There Absolute Truth? by Living Waters

Is There Evidence for Jesus' Existence?

Is This Child Abuse perfomed in the name of "Religion"?

Isaac Newton and Atheism

It wasn't nails that held Jesus to the cross

It's not a lie until you get caught.

I've Already Checked That Box!

I've Never Broken Any of the Ten Commandments! #316

I've Never Stolen Anything or Used God's Name in Vain

Jaclyn Glenn Blasts Ray Comfort...Then This Happens

Jake was not a "clump of cells" #393

Jehovah's Witnesses & 3 minutes to live #462

Jesse, Suicide, and the Parachute

Jesus Never Existed

Jesus said, "Love Your Enemies."

Jewish People and Jesus. #414

Jim Carrey & God Almighty #421

John Piper endorses ""

John Piper endorses 180

John Travolta & Intercession #513

John Travolta takes million dollars from fan in PUBLIC.

July '18 Academy Recap

June '17 Academy Recap

Jurassic Evolution - The Missing Link...Still Missing!?

Just Be A Good Person

Just Keep Going To Church

Justin Timberlake Enrages Fans

Katie Couric + A Benevolent God

Ken Ham - Noah Ark Encounter

Ken Ham on Live Premiere

Ken Ham: Aliens Go to Hell? (LIVE Interview)

Kevin Click - Love Can't Stay Silent ("Audacity" Music Video)15K views

Kevin Costner Wants to Believe #445

Keys to Zeal

Kids 10 Commandments Pull-Out Pen

Kids Raise Your Parents Well...?!

Kirk Cameron - Balancing Apologetics and Evangelism

Kirk Cameron & Gang Member - 5 Years Later

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort go to college

Kirk Cameron Chats with Ray Comfort about the Academy

Kirk Cameron shares the Gospel with a Reincarnationist

Kirk Cameron shares the Gospel with a young couple.

Kirk Cameron solves the Rubik's Cube . . . almost.

Kirk Cameron Speaks to Pastors

Kirk Cameron Talks with Gang Members

Kirk Compartiendo Uno a Uno

Kissing in Public

Knock, Knock... Oh, Boy

Kyle and Luis: Two strangers joined with commonality

Lance and Danielle

Las Vegas Outreach

Las Vegas: Why We Have Mass Shootings

Last Days Sign: Money-Hungry Preachers

Lawrence Krauss & Ray Comfort: Atheist Delusion Movie

Lawyer Attempts to Sue Pontius Pilate

Leading Atheist Changes His Mind!

Learn the 10 Commandments

Lecrae Tramples ‘Maroon 5’

Left Behind Reboot

LGBT Club @ Fuller SEMINARY?!

Lie Detector in Action

Life is Like a Roller Coaster

Life's Most Profound Revelation. In 20 Seconds

Like Finding Buried Treasure!

Living Waters Asia

Living Waters Europe

Living Waters Greatest Books

Living Waters in a Nutshell

Living Waters University, Frog

Living Waters University, Gentry the Mormon

Living Waters University, Kevin

Living Waters University, Moshe

Living Waters University: a Catholic, a Muslim, & a Hindu girl

Living Waters University: Eric

Living Waters University: Jeff

Living Waters VFX Trillions Cinema 4D

Los Diez Mandamientos ¿Los has guardado

Los Pasos Del Maestro clip

Lost Faith Because of a Tragedy...

Love at Its Best

Love At Its Best - Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne

Love is the answer


LW Tracts on FOX LA News

Made In Heaven

Madonna & Intolerant Christianity #498

Magician Dean Dill mesmerizes actor Kirk Cameron

Major Denomination Rejects Hymn

Making an Atheist Think

Man Arrested for Witnessing in NJ Mall

Man Beheads Jesus Statue

Man Catches Fire after Applying Sunscreen #364

Man Implants “Mark of the Beast” Under Skin??

Man Marrying His Dog

Man Saved From Suicide by an Open Air! #418

Man Sees His Need for God

Man Skydives with No Parachute

Man Swallowed by Snake (Intentionally)

Man Writes His Own Obituary #392

Manny the Wizard

Marijuana Now Legal

Mark Bumps into 'Bon Jovi' Man

Mark Bumps Into Will Smith! #427

Mark Spence & Shaw the atheist

Mark Spence's Facebook Hacked!

Marvin, and the one Commandment he says is hard to keep

Massive “Audacity” Banner over San Francisco Skies!

Matt Barber (CNN) on "The Atheist Delusion

Matt Dillon & Walking on Water #455

Maximizing Mom's Day #569

Meet Scooby Backflip

Mega Church Growth

Memories... in Hell

Men in Women’s Bathrooms!!!???

Meriam Freed & Re-Arrested... Pray!!

Michael J. Fox & Why God Allows Suffering #465

Michael Jackson Anniversary Shocker

Michael Jackson's REAL cause of death! [OFFICIAL]

Microwaving the Lukewarm

Miley Cyrus' VMA Twerking

Militant Evangelism — Three Keys to An Army's Success

Milk from Nothing?

Miraculous 'Jesus Pancake'

Missionary Dating #310

Modest is the Hottest

Monday Madness #459

Monogamy is Unnatural?!

Monsieur Gentil (French)

Morality is subjective

More Bieber Trouble

More Than Enough

Morgan Freeman on the Origin of Life

Mormonism & Its Troubling Beliefs #448

Mormons March in Gay Pride Parade #363

Most POWERFUL video you will see all day

Mother Films Rebellious Daughter at School

Mother God?!

Mother Posts Abortion Plan

Mother to Hang for Being Christian

Movie Gift Card

Mr. Muscles

Must Hear 5 Times To Be Saved? #564

My Baby Ain't No Atheist #463

My Dad is…a Pastor

My Eight-Year-Old Daughter Really Gets It

My Friend Wants an Abortion... What Should I Say? #407

My Life is Forever Changed!

My New Born Baby Is Evidence Of God’s Existence

My Pastor Doesn't Like WOTM. #423

My pastor refuses to baptize me. #345

My Son Brannon

My Wife No Longer Loves God! Help! #404

National Bible Bee Summer Study

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Bible Isn't Scientific

Nelson Mandela Dies at 95

Nelson Mandela—Time Doesn't Forgive

New Evidence for Noah's Flood #493


New LW Movie! + D.C. Outreach!


New Study: Cursing Good For You?!

New Tracts!

NJ Ban on "Gay Conversion Therapy"

No Child Should Be Killed Simply Because They May Not Live #377

No Conviction, No Foul?

No one makes a movie free on YouTube

No, No, No Green Giant! #374

Noa i posljednja vremena (Noah in Croatian)

Noah and the Last Days

Noah in Russian

Noah Movie (Japanese Subtitles)

Noah Movie (Korean Subtitles)

Noah Movie HD Official Full Version

Noah Movie Released...Today!

'Noah' Movie Review (Russell Crowe)

Noah Official Trailer (2014) The Ten Signs [HD]

Noah: Tiny Tease

Nobody has ever Come Back from the Dead.

Not Married & Living Together!

Not Ray's Hand

Nothing Created Everything

Nothing Created Everything Promo

Nothing Created Everything? #444

Nothing Is Too Big for God

Nuns Sue Strip Club

Of Course I Believe in God

Officer Dave

Official Trailer: Tio av de främsta vetenskapliga fakta i Bibeln (SVENSKA / SWEDISH)

Oklahoma Tornado Devastation

Oletko hyvä ihminen? (“Are You a Good Person?” - Finnish)

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Oscar the Mormon

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Outspoken Man Challenges Ray's Beliefs

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Paintings by Ray Comfort

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Pastor counsels woman to kill baby

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Penn & Teller Call Atheists to “Come Out

Penn Jillette and Lawrence Krauss admit they're wrong!

Penn Jillette Gets a Tract #479

Penn Jillette tells millions the Bible?

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Pentagon Zombie Apocalypse Plan

People love Giant Money. Watch this...

Personal Work

Peyton Manning: Football & Jesus

Planting the Seed of the Gospel

Playboy Mogul & Lust

Pleading for Babies’ Lives at Abortion Mill

Pleading with a hardened heart for eternity

Please watch this important video.

Police Pay $84K After Hate Speech Arrest

Police Seize Homeschooled Children

Pope Francis: Big Bang is Real?!

Popular Atheist Gets Caught

Popular Atheist Scientist Says Visit a Biology Dept... And So We Did.

Popular atheists Hugo and Jake may be in Ray Comfort’s Movie

Porn Has Massive Impact on Brain

Porn Mathematically Poisons: Sex, Marriage, Mind?!

Possessed Woman on Subway!?

Post Debate: Ham Talks About Nye

Practicing What You Preach

'Prayer Death' Ruled Homicide

Preacher Gives Money to Strangers

Preaching at the Alamo!

Preaching on a Train in the Bronx

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Pretty Much Suicidal Right Now… But I Will Give My Life To Christ

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Pro-Choice doesn't understand Pro-Life Position

Pro-Choice to Pro-Life . . . in Seconds!

Professor Goes Wild: "Praise Darwin!"

Promo tag

Proof of God with Eric Hovind #361

Proof: Hollywood Knows Abortion is Wrong

Prop. 8 Appeal Rejected

Prophetic Evidence in Evangelism

Protecting the Petals of Purity

Purity #440

PZ Myers ?||? Survival of the Fittest

PZ Myers and his limited vocabulary. #326

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Raw Reactions After Seeing Our Latest (and Exciting) Movie—“The Fool”

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Restoring a Sinning Brother

Review - Heaven is For Real

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Rising Football Star Exonerated in Rape Case #357

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Rolling Stone Stirs Firestorm

Royal Wedding Million Dollar Bill (Tract)

Salvation Army Preaching! #454

Santa Rosa/Sonoma County Fire Aftermath

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Satan Statue Design for Oklahoma Unveiled

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Satanists' 'Grossly Offensive' Display

Save a puppy, kill a child #311

Save the Nuba #358

Saved by Faith or Works?

Saved by Faith or Works? by Living Waters

Saved by Works or Grace?

Scare Tactics

Scared of Chocolates?

School of Biblical Evangelism Expres

School Shooting. New Movie

School Shooting. New Movie.

School Shootings Trailer

Scientific Evidence for Evolution

Season 4: Europe TV Debut! #435

September 11th & God

Set You Free

Sharing 180

Sharing the gospel with your Waiter

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Shaven Beard Sinners

She can’t answer Ray Comfort’s question!

She Laughs at First…Then the Preacher Says This

She said she’d never looked with lust

She-Man Cartoon?!

Shock & Awe Preaching #533

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Simple Christmas Outreach Idea

Sinner's Prayer: Yea or Nay? #555

Sir Elton & The 'Proud' Whopper

Skip Heitzig Recommends Showing 180 at Church

Sleight-of-hand & Evangelism

Small Town Outreach #566

Smokin' Noah

Sneak peek at Season 5

Sneak peek of some AMAZING clips coming soon

Sneak Peek to Amsterdam Episode

Sneak Peek to Brussels Episode

Sneak Peek to London Episode

Sneak Peek to Luxembourg Episode

Sneak Peek to Milan Episode

Sneak Peek to Monaco Episode

Sneak Peek to Munich Episode

Sneak Peek to Paris Episode

Sneak Peek to Zurich Episode

So Easy... a Toy Can Do It!

SoCal Outreach Recap

Some people are born gay

Some Would Have Aborted Lyna #376

Sorry Girls, I'm Gay

Spanish DVD "180" now available

Special Guest Artist - Ron DiCianni #406

Special Guest Jim Ryun - Olympic Medal Winner!

Special Guest: Journalist Dan Wooding #521

Special Visitor

Spoken Word: "Worth the Wait"

Spouses & Evangelism #572

Spurgeon on Evangelism

Spurgeon on Tracts

St. Francis a Sissy?

Stack of Cards (Tract)

Staff of Christian University Resigns in Droves #353

Star Wars + JJ Abrams' Faith

Starting a Witnessing Convo #544

Stephen Fry Annihilates God

Stephen Hawking's Confession #256

Stephen King on Intelligent Design

Stirring Words from K.P. Yohannan!

Street Evangelism: He Lies Straight to His Face!

Street evangelist witnesses to a gay person

Stretching Money

Struggling with Immorality

Struggling with Pornography?

Suicidal Woman

Suicide on the Rise

Suicide Social Experiment—What would you do?

Summer Vacation

Super Interesting Man Offended by the Gospel

Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage?

Sweet Relationships #523

Teachers Sue Christian Schools Over Sexual Standards #354

Teddy Bear Confessions

Temecula Car Show

Ten Amazing Photos of Incredible Nature

Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments for Evangelists #331

Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in Bible Trailer

Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible

Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible (TRAILER)

Terrifying home footage of recent California Fires

Thank you! Audacity Campaign Ends Successfully

Thanks for Listening to Me

The "What if's" on Abortion

The 500th Show!

The 7 Deadly Sins

The Abortion Fight Continues

The Afterlife Is Just Dark; But There Are Ghosts

The afterlife is pure chaos

The Allure of Liberal Theology & Humanism

The Amazing Number 9

The Ambassadors' Alliance

The Animation That Made E.Z. Cry

The Annoying Husband

The Atheist Assumption

The Atheist Delusion

The Atheist Delusion in Korean

The Atheist Delusion Movie (2016) HD

The Atheist Delusion Official Trailer (2016) HD

The Banana Is Not Designed by God

The Beatles, God, and the Bible

The Beatles, God, and the Bible - Book Promo

The Bible Bee is Coming Soon!

The Bible Is Horrifying.

'The Bible' Mini-series Sequel

The Big Bang Theory (TV Show)

The Book Used in "The Atheist Delusion

The Centurion and the Law #309

The Church needs to stand up

The Comfort Zone Boring Trailer

The Comfort Zone Trailer

The Comfort Zone... Coming Soon!

The Constitution is not the Word of God #347

The Death of a Film Critic #554

The Devil & Souls

The entire crowd laughs…his responses will surprise you!

The entire crowd turns against preacher Ray Comfort

The Evidence Bible - New King James Version

The Evidence for Darwinian Evolution?

The Exclusives Trailer

The Exorcism

The First Atheist Mega-Church

The Flying Caterpillar

The Fool - Atheist Trailer

The Fool – Atheist Trailer

The Fool - The True Banana Man Story

The Fool to World Premiere Easter Weekend at the Ark

The Fool Trailer (2018) HD - Ray Comfort

The Full Meaning of the Cross

The GM 2:8

The GM 2:8 Tutorial

The God of the Old Testament Kills Children!!!

The Good News is Great News

The gospel is not an act of kindness #321

The Historical Jesus

The Kardashians & Marriage #532

The Key to Conquering Fear

The Law of God Humbles Another Person

The Levitated Mass

The life I’ve lived is the life I’ve lived

The Mark of a Hypocrite

The Math of Why We Hit the Streets

The Million Dollar Bill (Tract)

The Most Difficult People to Reach with the Biblical Gospel

The New Living Waters

The Parable of the Wounded Dog

The Passing of Pastor Chuck Smith

The Pleasures of Pornography

The Poison of Humanism

The President Weeps Over Gun Deaths

The Profile of Mass Killers

The Prosperity Gospel #561

The Restrictive Cage of the Christian Family

The Salvation Army Open Air Preaches in Hollywood

The School of Biblical Evangelism

The School of Biblical Evangelism (textbook)

The Secret to Having Joy in Your Life

The Secrets of Nostradamus Exposed

The Series Finale

The Shroud of Turin: Earthquake?

The Slobbering Beast

The Smoking Christian and the Math Test

The Subtle Deception of the Pro-Choice Message #351

The Ten Commandments Coin

The things I did in the military, I would go to Hell

The True Meaning of Integrity

The Ultimate USB

The Ultimate Warrior & Eternity

The Universe is not Eternal

The Way of the Master - Season 3 (Promo)

The Way of the Master: Mission Europe

The Wedge - 20 Foot Waves! [Surfers Crushed]

The World Is My Parish

There’s a reason our channel has over 60,000,000 view

There's a Fetus There, Not a Baby #408

They Like God... Not the Bible

They Think They're Saved, But...

Think About It... Isn't Our Sin God's Fault?

Think Christianity Isn’t True? Wait Till You See This.

Think On These Things

This is why you should never stop praying for the lost

This Life Is Hell

This Little Devil Ray Comfort

This man gets his eyes opened up by Ray Comfort

This man is convinced that he’s God!

This man is so close to entering the Kingdom

THIS might happen if you say you're an atheist

This open-air preaching clip will warm your heart

This Video Makes Atheists Nervous

Those who aren't afraid of dying don’t die

Three Minutes to Live

Tim Tebow and Abortion #410

Time Lapse Construction of a Green Screen

Tio av de främsta vetenskapliga fakta i Bibeln (SVENSKA / SWEDISH)

Tips from the Trenches! #442

To Resuscitate or not to Resuscitate?

Todd Friel and Brian Sapient's post-debate chat

Todd Friel on Horrible Bible Studies

Todd on Lust & Porn

Tom Cruise & Scientology #451

Too Busy for God

Too Scared to Evangelize #301

Top Ten Excuses Sinners Give Trailer

Tough Questions with Special Guest Carl Kerby #476

Tract or Treat? #464

Tract Saves Moody President

Tracts & Transitions

Tracts & Transitions - Mark Spence

Tracts Seem... Useless

Train Selfie = Bad Idea

Transformed Promo 4 iPod video & iPhone sharing 640x480

Transitional Dog

Trick or Treat FAIL?!

True & False Conversion

True and False Conversion

True R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Try it again Ray

Try Skydiving

TV wasn't always afraid of mentioning God

Two Delightful Girls Save Ray Comfort!

Two Friends Clash about God

Two important things you need to know about the Lie

Two Men Are Seated On a Plane...

Two-in-One (Ray Comfort)

U2 Sensation Bono #551

Ugly Pictures of Jesus

Um... I still think I’m a good person

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Listen to Morrissey's Crazy Words

Unearthed Ancient Wall Supports Bible

Unitarian Superman

University Bans Intelligent Design

UNREAL!!! Cashier Beats Up Thieves!

Update: "Eloquent Atheist" Becomes a Christian!

Use your dog to reach the lost

Vanessa's Story #319

Vegan Woman Explodes on Meat Eaters!

Vice President Joe Biden Gets a Tract! #441

Victor or Victoria?

Video Games: Friend or Foe?

Viewing Homosexuals Through the Eyes of Jesus: Compelled by Compassion

Visited by a TV star! #415

Walt Disney & Prayer #461

Want to be on American television?

Was Galileo an Atheist?

Was Jesus God or just the Son of God?

Was the Great Commission just for the Disciples?

Was the Pterodactyl a Dragon? #520

Was the Resurrection a Hoax? #550

Was There a Pre-Adamic Race?

Watch an Atheist Backslide

Water Baptism: Sprinkle or Cannonball?

Way of the Master Season 5 Trailer!

Way of the Master" Season 5 trailer!

Way of the Master: Student Edition

We Apologize for Today's Show #368

We found out who gave Penn Jillette the Bible

We’re All Born with A Clean Slate

Wedding Evangelism #468

We're just here by some "Chance".

We're Married in God's Eyes...No License Needed!

We're producing more false converts than true

Westboro to Picket Paul Walker Funeral

What About Those Who’ve Never Heard?

What Did Jesus Do?" Book

What do you tell a pastor who says the lost are not his priority?

What does a "diaper cake" look like? #330

What Does A Trillion Dollars Look Like?

What Does God is a "Jealous God" Mean?

What Does God Say About "Living Together"?

What If a Cult Member Gets on the Other Box?

What If I Don't Know What to Say? #481

What if the Big Bang Theory is Right?

What If Your Teenage Son Was Gay?

What is Love?

What is the Biblical definition of repentance?

What is the Greatest Act of Love?

What is the meaning of life?

What is the Meaning of Life?" Tract

What is the Trinity? (Part 1) #524

What is the Trinity? (Part 2) #525

What on Earth Are We Here For?

What Scares You?

What shall it profit a man if he gains all the muscles in the world

What type of prayer does God hear?

What Would You Say to Someone Suffering?

What’s Fasting All About???

What’s The Purpose Of Man’s Existence?

What’s wrong with reincarnation?

What's Heaven Like?

What's the Difference?

When Did Jesus Use the Law?

When to Leave a Church

When Will the World End? #492

When You Leave I'm Going to Pray.

When your friend is Angry with God #339

When your spouse is teaching your kids to deny the faith

Where did Cain get his wife? #456

Where did those in the Old Testament go when they died?

Where Do Morals Come from?

Where Do Morals Come From? by Living Waters

Where does God fit in with playing sports?

Where Was God?

Which Jesus Do You Follow?

Which Jesus Do You Follow? by Living Waters

Whitney Houston #482

Who Created God?

Who made God? #460

Who Made the Bluebird Sing?

Who Would Want To Live Forever?

Why 180?

Why Are Christians So Annoying?

Why Ben Shapiro and Bishop Barron got it WRONG

Why Christianity DVD Menu - Airline scene

Why Christianity Intro

Why Christianity? (Tract Promo)

Why Do 80% of Youth Leave Church? #499

Why Do All Religions Disagree?

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Why do People Die So Young?

Why Do People Have Affairs?

Why does God allow floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and disease?

Why Does God Give us Trials?

Why Does Life's Origin Matter? | Nye vs. Ham Debate

Why Does Richard Dawkins Find Bananas Funny?

Why doesn't [God] show a little more compassion?

Why Don’t You Pray the “Sinner’s Prayer” with People?

Why don't you pray the "Sinner's Prayer" with people?

Why I'm a Teenage Atheist #558

Why Is There Evil in the World?

Why Is There Evil in the World? by Living Waters

Why Ray Comfort’s Bible is so Big

Why Would a God of Love Send Someone to Hell?

Why Would a God of Love Send Someone to Hell? by Living Waters

Will God Judge Christians?

Will God Keep Forgiving Me?

Will Hollywood's "Noah" be a Flop?

Will the US Bomb Russia?

Will you get eaten alive by Bill Nye? | Pre-Debate Interview

Witness - "Wake-up Call"

Witness - Crisis Duce

Witness - Pink Hair / Plane Talk

Witness Differently to Jewish People? #428

Witness to P-Nasty

Witness to Seal Beach Kid

Witnessing in Milan

Witnessing in the UK

Witnessing to a Church Member

Witnessing to a High School Teacher #387

Witnessing to Drunks #346

Witnessing to Ex-Christians

Witnessing to People Who 'Make You Sin' #298

Witnessing to Someone Who Has 'Seen It All' #315

Woman Carried Away in Mudslide

Woman Marries Dog

Woman Records Her Own Abortion

Women Are the Top 'Road-Ragers'? #397

Women change mind after viewing "180"

Wonderful Junk Food!

World Religions in a Nutshell - Promo

World's Finest Car?

WOTM for Kids

Would Like To Go To Heaven For the Weather & to Hell For The Company

Would Never Take My Own Life

Would You Kill for $10,000,000? #473

You be the judge. What would you do?

You Blew my Brain

You can be good without God

You Get to Heaven by Treating People with Respect

You Know What’s Funny About The Whole Jesus Thing?

You still think you are a good person? #367

You threw your baby out like garbage

You’ll Never Guess What Their Religion Is…

Young lady is moved while Christian prays for her

Young RC in Trouble in High School

Your Choice?

You're Brainwashing Your Kids!

You're Going to Be Hurt

Youth Pastor's Son Loses His Cool with Ray

Zabluda Ateista (The Atheist Delusion in Croatian)

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