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Lending out the Jesus Video or Another Evangelistic Video

The Jesus Film Project (JFP) and Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) has been doing an idea around the world which has been effective. They have been knocking on doors and offering to lend the �Jesus� video to the person for about two weeks. The person they lend the video to has to agree to return the video after two weeks. After two weeks, the Christian or missionary will go and pick up the video and ask some followup questions. Sometimes they will work with missionaries and Christians in the country who are not affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ or the Jesus Film Project if they believe they can trust them. This same idea could be also done with other evangelistic videos besides the �Jesus� video.

This is a good idea for people who will not go to a church to watch a video or will not normally watch an evangelistic video. If you are interested in this idea and want to work with the JFP or CCC, please contact The Jesus Film Project or Campus Crusade for Christ International and ask for the name and address of the national director for the country you are interested in working in.

"Jesus" Film Opens Doors in France

"Many French people would never visit a church service, or even watch the Jesus Film in a cinema," says Sam Catoe, an American missionary in Paris. He decided to distribute leaflets offering to lend the Jesus Film to people in his neighbourhood, thus establishing a personal contact. He was more than surprised to receive a mountain of requests. French-speaking volunteers delivered the films, and every person who reacted positively to the film was asked whether they would be willing to organise a meeting of people in their block who had also seen the film. Almost everyone was willing, so 19 house groups were quickly started, a number which has now grown to 60. The participants are most moved by what the Bible says about Jesus. "Very few of them have ever visited a church," says Catoe.

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