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The Jet PAC Compact, Lightweight Video Projection System

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The JET PAC is a compact, lightweight video projection system. Because of the small size and weight, it can be checked as baggage on the airlines. The perfect tool to reach the unreached with the Jesus Film or any other evangelistic dvd. The 45 pound airtight, watertight case contains all you need to conduct an outdoor evangelistic dvd showing (contents listed below). The JET Pac was specifically designed for showing an evangelistic dvd in combination with aircraft to reach the unreached. In recent years it has also been used on river boats, hand carried down jungle trails, packed on a mule or in a 4X4. We continue to improve this technology with the recently designed Jet PAC being much smaller. (The pictures shown do not include the latest model which is much smaller.) This is one of the greatest uses of technology today.

The custom made outdoor screen sets up in minutes, and can be viewed from both sides. The 30 pound Honda generator provides the electrical power needed. The powerful sound system is capable of reaching the huge crowd that gathers. It is usually heard well into the community, allowing still more people to hear the Gospel.

Contents of the Jet PAC

* Modified or built by Airborne

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