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"The Story of Jesus for Children" Video in 163+ languages

The Story of Jesus for Children
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"The Story of Jesus for Children" Video
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Children's Version Of 'Jesus' Film Translated Into 163 Languages

The "Jesus" film has been adapted for ministry to children. Within that context, the possibilities for worldwide outreach are endless, says ministry representative Flip Amon. "A lot of the audiences internationally at the showing of the 'Jesus' film were, in fact, children. Sometimes a two-hour version was a bit much for them to sit through, and others were looking for something with maybe a little bit more explanation. Since the original film follows the Gospel of Luke, there's no explanation included." Amon says this presented a new need. "We have just started with the children's version. It is in 146 languages with more than 100 in process."

The languages available for the Jesus for Children video are to be found at

Story Of Jesus For Children

The Jesus Film has been put in a form that is relevant to children and it was premiered on Saturday, May 27. The audience included key leaders from children's ministries who aim to use the film to reach a "lost and abused generation in pain." Paul Eshleman, director of The Jesus Film Project, explained in an interview, "This new film is the story of Jesus taken from the original Jesus Film and told from the perspective of six children who lived during that time." When asked why he felt the film was so important, he replied, "Jesus made a point while He was on earth to show how much he cared for children. So it is very important for us to make a statement to the world that we are interested in the children, just as Jesus was."

The JESUS Film Project is reaching out as never before to a key unreached people group: Children!

"The Story of Jesus for Children" is a video/DVD which will give every child, both churched and unchurched, a chance to see and hear the gospel of Jesus in a way he/she can understand, in every possible language worldwide. (see our Languages page for current list).

"The Story of Jesus for Children" provides a solution to the challenge of teaching children the truth about God and His Son Jesus. This video uses 40 minutes of the original "JESUS" film* and integrates into the drama 22 minutes of new footage with children who might have lived in A.D.30. The video allows children to hear and see the whole story at once, answering questions in clear and concrete terms, and providing fast action. It ends with an invitation, by a child to children, to accept Christ into their lives.

(The dialogue of the original "JESUS" film was taken from the Gospel of Luke. It has been translated into more than 700 languages and has had more than 5 billion viewings worldwide since 1979, making "JESUS" the most-watched film in history.)

The child characters in the film hear the stories of the Man from Nazareth who heals the sick and raises the dead. They struggle to make sense of it all-some are from families who believe Jesus is the Son of God, others from families who do not. They watch Jesus from the crowds. They follow Him to see what this incredible man, who loves children, will do next. They see Him betrayed, wrongly accused, crucified, and buried. But they remember the promise of Jesus and believe they will see Him again.

At the conclusion of the video, the leading child character, Benjamin, reviews what he has learned and leads viewers to invite Jesus into their lives. The invitation, in the language of a child, sensitively offers an opportunity to say yes, no, or "wait a minute; I'm not ready to make this choice." This format for the video's close enhances this powerful tool for reaching children with the gospel. (See our Resources page for creative ways to use this film.)

Children enjoy this captivating retelling of the true story of Jesus from a child's perspective. If you want to reach a child with the message of Jesus in a compelling, understandable, and exciting way, "The Story of Jesus for Children" is the tool you've been looking for!

"The Story of Jesus for Children" video (closed captioned) This 62-minute video entertains, educates, and introduces children to the life of Jesus of Nazareth, giving them a chance to see and hear the whole story of Jesus at once! The video answers questions in clear and concrete terms, provides fast action, and ends with an invitation by a child to children, to choose to invite Jesus into their lives. Children of all ages will enjoy this captivating retelling of the true story of Jesus from a child's perspective.

"The Story of Jesus for Children" Video is available in these languages below. More languages are being added.

Afrikaans - Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial - Arabic, Modern Standard - Burmese - Catalan-Valencian-Balear - Croatian - English - German, Standard - Greek - Hindi - Indonesian - Japanese - Korean, South - Latvian - Malayalam - Marathi - Nepali - Oromo, West-Central - Portuguese, Brazil - Romanian - Russian - Slovak - Spanish, Latin American - Spanish, Castilian - Tagalog - Ukrainian

The discipleship, tract/booklet and preparation packet below may be ordered at

Discipleship Packet: Following Jesus

This is a 6-week teacher/mentor guide which includes stories, music, Bible learning activities with reproducible activity pages. You can also order a cassette tape or CD of the 11 songs introduced in the teacher/mentor guide. The teacher/mentor guide is available free online in PDF format.

"The Greatest Promise" booklet

"The Greatest Promise" is developed especially for children. Complete with Scripture references, illustrations from the "JESUS" film, and more. This is a great follow-up tool for use after the video. One copy of "The Greatest Promise" booklet comes free with every "The Story of Jesus for Children" video. Additional copies are available in 10, 50 and 100-packs. Download a copy of a this booklet now! (1.3mb PDF file)

The Jesus for Children Day Preparation Packet

This packet helps you organize an event at your church to present "The Story of Jesus for Children" video to reach out to the children of your city and their families.

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