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Creation Science Evangelism
Creation Science Evangelism
29 Cummings Road
Pensacola, Florida 32503
877-479-3466 (toll free)

Family Focus Japan
Family Focus Japan
Tsuneo Maejima, Mr.
Office Manager
831 Takada
Nagano Ken
Japan 381-0034
Phone/Fax: 81-26-227-4632
011-81-26-227-4632 (Phone & Fax) From U.S.A.
026-227-4632 (Phone & Fax) From Japan
011-81-26-227-4632 (Phone & Fax) From U.S.A.
026-227-4632 (Phone & Fax) From Japan

Focus On The Family series (Lip Sync-22.000 yen including shipping), and Sex, Lies & The Truth (Subtitles-4.065 yen including shipping) (There is membership discount. Please ask us for more details.)

Life On The Edge, and That The World May Know Family Focus Japan opened its offices in 1995 and has widely distributed the Japanese version of the original Focus on the Family film series. They are also distributing the Japanese editions of the video Sex, Lies and the Truth and Dr. Dobson's bestselling books When God Doesn't Make Sense and Hide and Seek. Their newest releases include Vols. 1 and 2 of the Life on the Edge video series and the That the World May Know video series by Ray Vander Laan. The Japanese 90-second commentary began airing throughout the Nagano region in April 2000.

28-7, Minami-Ono 1-chome
Ichikawa Shi, 272, Japan

Films for Chirst / Eden Communications
Films for Chirst / Eden Communications
PO Box 200
Gilbert, Arizona 85299 USA
ph: (800) 332-2261
ph: (480) 507-3621
fax: (480) 507-6777

The reports of the showings of their videos on television in Russia, and personal showings in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan can be read at:

They have descriptions and reviews of many Christian videos on their web page.

The God's Story Project

Gospel Direct
Gospel Direct
Box 455
Muskegon, Michigan 49443

Save 10-70% on the best in Christian & family-friendly videos, Christian software & books. When you get to the home page, please enter the name of the language you are interested in in the search engine.

Grace International
Grace International
8448 Rodden Rd.
95361 USA
(209) 847-6713

Videos to reach Japanese. Info on the Japan Net web site. The JapanNet- Ministry site for those wanting resources to reach out to Japanese. Many videos appropriate for Japanese. Also have listing for Japanese films available through Grace International.

These videos below are available for rent from Grace International: Five dollars per rental plus postage.

Group Publishing
Group Publishing
1515 Cascade Ave
Loveland, CO 80538
Call 1-800-447-1070 or (970) 669-3836


Japanese Christian Radio Station Online in Real Audio

Japan Mission
Japan Mission
7-40 Monzen Cho Ikoma Shi
Nara Ken 630-0266
Tel. (81)743-73-1754
Fax (81)743-73-1681

The Audio-Visual Department of the Japan Mission is making Christian videos available throughout Japan. In addition to the 1,300 members in its Video Club nationwide, it distributes its materials via an extensive Christian network.

Japanese videos are produced and well-known Christian videos from overseas are voiced-over and distributed. We also provide assistance to churches planning their own audio-visual outreach.

Please pray that the Audio-Visual Department may continue to reach out effectively to meet the needs of the small and struggling churches of Japan.

Many cassette tapes are distributed. Every year over 90,000 cassettes with evangelistic messages are produced and distributed to those in Japan who are seeking to know more about the Lord.

Japan Net
Japan Net
19427-70th Place West, Lynnwood, WA 98036
425 672 1794
Webmaster & General Information:
Good web site for outreach resources for the Japanese people - Links for Japanese Outreach

Japan Net has these videos below to rent or buy:

VIDEO ($3.00 to rent any of these):
* New (1998 translation) JESUS in the following versions (Please specify which version and quantity) Rent - $2; Buy (same for all)17.50)

* Full length (120 minutes);

* 90 minutes including 6 minutes of 3 Brazillian soccer players testimonies. The testimonies are in Portuguese and subtitled in Japanese, but the 84 minute short version is the edit from the new 2 hour in Japanese language.This comes with a soccer tract inside the video cover that is the three testimonies written out plus the 4 Spiritual Laws with soccer transitions. The cover is the same as the World Soccer version used for World Cup outreaches in other countries;

* Christmas version - 84 minutes-same as soccer without the testimony. This comes with a Christmas tract which is the 4 Spiritual Laws with Christmas intro and transitions

* "The Story of Jesus" audio cassette, 90 minutes, based on the voices from the new version, but with a narrator voice and radio style background music and sound effects. Really well done. ($4.50)

* Shiokari Pass (3.00 to rent; 45.00 to buy)

* Arthur Holland's (the "Billy Graham" of Japan) evangelistic message including testimonies by converted Japanese Mafia. Quite dynamic. (5.00)

Jeremiah Films
Jeremiah Films

Jesus Film Project
Jesus Film Project

Multi-Language Media
Multi-Language Media
P.O. Box 301
Ephrata, PA 17522 USA
(717) 738-0582
They have an excellent resource catalog for books, pamphlets, audio cassettes (teaching and music), Bibles, the Bible on CD, Bible studies and language learning in many languages.

Visual Bible International
Visual Bible International
Ric Alessio

Word of Life Press
Word of Life Press
6 Shinano Machi
Shinjuku Ku
Tokyo 160, Japan
tel: 03-3353-9345
Roberta Peabody
(Japanese NTSC)
Word Of Life Press distributes books and videos in Japanese. They have other video titles not listed in this directory. Please request their catalog. "The Christian" weekly newspaper produces a digest version on their web site. Their mail order department is called the Wings Service.

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