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Darwin - The Voyage that Shook the World
This film has a creationist point of view. This film has Indonesian subtitles.

Evolution Achilles Heels
This film has Indonesian subtitles.

God of Wonders

God's Story
There is a Sumatra and Jakarta version.

Martyrs' Cry
The film is in English but part of the film is about someone in Indonesia.

More than Dreams

Peace Child

Telling Kelli

The Yali Story

Jesus Film, The Story of Jesus for Children, and Magdalena
The Jesus Film Store has these three titles: Jesus, The Story of Jesus for Children and Magdalena. Please check at the Jesus Film store to see if these three films are made in more languages of Indonesia if interested.

Ken Anderson Films - Five titles in Bahasa Indonesia
The owner of this ministry has given permission for people to make dvd or vcd copies from the video and also to duplicate them.
Please see this website link for more information regarding permission to duplicate the dvds or vcds.

The Life of Jesus - The Gospel of John
I don't know if this film was dubbed legally.

Watch the Jesus Film Online in Indonesian

Below are websites that you may watch the Jesus film, The Story of Jesus for Children and Magdalena in many languages:

Jesus Film Project

Jesus Film Project

The Good Book Company

Watch Christian Videos

Watch Christian Videos

World Bibles

Watch God's Story in Indonesian Online
Please choose Bahasa Indonesia in the pull down menu.

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