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Campus Crusade Asia Limited - Mass Media
Campus Crusade Asia Limited - Mass Media
315, Outram Road,
Tan Boon Liat Building,
#06-08, Singapore 169074
Tel : (65) 222-3640
Fax : (65) 220-8287

JESUS VIDEOS: English, Foochow, Old Mandarin, New Mandarin, Tamil, Tagalog, Teochew, Indonesian, Cantonese Shanghainese, Hainanese, Iban Language, Amoy (Hokkien), Bahasa

CD Films
CD Films
127 Manicktala Street
INDIA 700006
fax: +91 33 551 2418
Dr Arabinda Dey works with CD Films in Calcutta and is particularly keen to find new partners wanting to produce Bengali films. CD Films' studios are equipped with Sony U-matic High band equipment and are available for hire.

Cephas Cine/Tele Communications (Pvt) Ltd.
15 Vaibhav Buildings
Wadala (East)
Bombay 400 037
Fax/Phone: (91-22) 413 3623.

Cephas International

Beyond Sight
News Release
"Love can not be seen; it is beyond sight" is the theme of "Beyond Sight", a drama in Video produced by Cephas International. Written, produced and directed by C.D.Jebasingh (Jeba), it is a love story of a blind man and his wife.

"While in his early teens, Jay becomes blind. When a commitment to Christ combines with hard work, diligence and discipline, he excels in his educational pursuits and secures employment at a hospital in the city of Bombay.

Jay meets Sheila at an oratorical contest. They become friends and since Jay is blind, Sheila offers to read so Jay can prepare for his career examination.

A riot in the city catches Sheila unaware. Her face is seriously wounded. Jay befriends her in her period of convalescence. Sheila becomes bitter when she discovers that her face will scar.. In an emotional scene that follows, Jay proposes and they get married.

At a medical conference, an eye surgeon prepares to revive Jay's sight. Sheila receives the news with reservation. ... How love triumphs over maladies is the essence of the story!"

"Training young and talented Christians in the production of Gospel films is my ambition", said Jeba in a recent interview. "In a country that makes the largest number of dramatic films, there is a need to infuse talented Christians with a vision for evangelism and this production helped to achieve this goal", he added.

"Beyond Sight", 70 minutes is Jeba's second film. His first film, "The Pearl produced in 1983 won him an award from the National Religious Broadcaster's Association. "The Pearl" in Tamil, and later dubbed into Malayalam is being used by itinerant evangelists to communicate the Gospel to the rural people in South India.

"The need for culturally relevant gospel film was always felt and 'Beyond Sight' has met this need in just a small measure. There is need for many more similar products to effectively communicate the gospel to ethnic Indians across the world." said, David Peters, Executive Producer of the film.

"I enjoyed 'Beyond Sight'. I think it turned out to be a good story. Certainly dramatic, with fairly decent actors. .. Nice camerawork and direction" commented Daniel Henrich, Assistant Professor of Communications Studies of Liberty University, USA.

"Beyond Sight" was shot in Beta in English and is being offered to TV channels and Christian video outlets.

Christian Media News
Christian Media News
PO Box 982
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703

"Documentary Establishes Need for Christian Media Support Services"

A powerful Documentary establishing the intense need of media tools for evangelizing is finally available.

"Princes of Paradise, Pauper's Hell" portrays a personal, heart wrenching, missionary's view of India and gives a first hand account of the major stumbling blocks in evangelizing people in third world countries. Actual footage of paganistic rituals, temples, intense poverty, causes for early deaths, and the first media evangelist conference held in Mumbai, India, reveals a shocking view of why countries like India need media glorifying to God. Missionaries and pastors cannot enter some countries, and in other areas, there are not enough workers to help or follow-up on new converts. Illiteracy and poverty further prevent God's Word from being heard. This revealing documentary of the true life of a third world country as seen from the eyes of an evangelist, gives an in-depth look at what's being done and what Christians can do to help.

The account of media evangelism in this video essay of India was created to raise funds for Christian Media News so that Christian Media News can promote media evangelism and produce future projects as tools for missions outreach throughout the world. The next project is a dramatic recording of the GOD'S WORD Bible for distribution in the US, Africa, India and third world countries,

"Princes of Paradise, Pauper's Hell" will be the catalyst for the creation of a network of missionaries who are dedicated to using media tools in their outreach. The network will serve media Christians and missionaries to help each other use media tools in taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.

For information regarding donations, speaking engagements or to order the tape contact Christian Media News, PO Box 982, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703.

Create International
Create International
P.O. Box 6075
East Perth W.A. 6892
Tel: 61-8-9221-1217
Fax: 61-8-9325-1830
Create International website

We will be doing an evangelistic film to reach the 3.5 million Balinese Hindus. We will also be doing a production for Bengali Hindus next year.

Daya Sagar

6-4-361/24 Bholakpur
Secuderabad 500 380

Galilean International Films & TV Services (GIFTS) of India
Galilean International Films & TV Services (GIFTS) of India
C.D. Jebasingh
President & General Director
15 Vaibhav Buildings
Wadala (East)
Bombay 400 037
FAX/Phone: 91-22 413 3623

A Premiere of the film on WILLIAM CAREY, produced by Dr. Ken Curtis, Gateway Films will be held at one of the prestigious public hall in the city of Mumbai, referred to as the Hollywood of India.

The premiere of "CANDLE IN THE DARK", the story of William Carey, the father of Missionary Movement, was held on 30 September 1998.

Ken Curtis, President of Gateway Films produced the film. Ken narrated the miraculous ways by which our Lord had provided the finances and the crew to complete the project.

The film made a great impact on the people who saw it, who have sponsored the premiere by providing the funds to organise the premiere. Out of the proceeds a certain seed money is designated for dubbing the film in Hindi. Many acknowledged that the film is a good tool for evangelism A few commented that the cultural ethos was realistically depicted.

Galilean International Films & TV Services (GIFTS) of India is distributing the INDIA CHRISTIAN MEDIA DIRECTORY. A folder giving details of the publication will be also sent on request.

Indian Christian Media Handbook (ICMH) is the �first ever compilation of all Christian Film & Video ministries, Television Broadcasters, Internet Facilitators, Radio Ministries, Cassette Ministries, Booksellers & Publishers.

ICMH will provide a reference tool to all Christian involved in the various disciplines of visual-media production and distribution.

ICMH will have a listing of:

ICMH will contain Historical Vignettes of film and video ministry in the country.

ICMH will provide Statistical Data of visual media relevant for evangelism.

ICMH will have details of Governmental Policies in Broadcasting, rules & regulations on film/video import-export, licensing procedures for distribution etc.

ICMH will provide an opportunity for Indian and International agencies and personnel to make themselves known to the largest missionary filed, that is India.

ICMH will instill interest in multimedia approach in evangelism.

If you would like to advertise in the ICMH and be a part of this project please contact:

In India :
Christ Church Campus
Clare Road, Byculla
Mumbai 400 008.
Tel & Fax: (91-22) 3088448

Overseas contact:
P.O. Box 160, Stn
Scarborough, ON
M1K 5B9
Tel; (416) 267 9817
Fax: (416) 267 7764

The God's Story Project

India Campus Crusade for Christ
India Campus Crusade for Christ
PO Box 8422
Bangalore 560 084

They have the "Jesus"video in the different languages of India.

India Mission Association
India Mission Association
"Living Water for India"

A newly published book ("Living Water for India") provides information on the major mission agencies of India (members of the India Mission Association). The book includes a brief history of each mission, identifies their objectives, types and areas of ministry, and gives postal and email addresses. A model study of four missions is also included. The 180-page book will be a useful reference to those who are interested in missions in India. It has been published by IMA. The cost is USD$10.00 which includes postage.

DIRECTORY OF INDIA MISSIONS -- Here's a book that reportedly contains information about major missions in India. It includes a brief history of missions, objectives, types and areas of ministry, and postal and E-mail addresses. A model study of four missions is also included. (Published by IMA in October 2000; Pages 180). For your own copy, just send a donation of 150 Indian Rupies (plus Rs. 20 for postage) or $10 for overseas orders (including postage) to INDIA MISSIONS ASSOCIATION. Inquiries and orders can be directed to the:



The International Films Division of the U.S. Center for World Misson
The International Films Division of the U.S. Center for World Misson
1605 Elizabeth St.
Pasadena, CA 91104
Ph. (818) 797-5462

This specializes in dubbing languages understood by 800 million people onto many feature length videos and films. They also produce films and videos in developing countries using indigenous talent. "The Pearl" was produced in India with an entirely Indian crew and cast.

Jesus Film Project

Mid-India Christian Mission (MICM)
Mid-India Christian Mission (MICM)

No Frontiers
United Kingdom

People India
People India
Tony Samuel
This ministry travels all over India and are invovled in media.

Vincent Ratnasingh
Vincent Ratnasingh
Hebron, Virudampet
Tamil Nadu
fax: +91 416 42058

Vincent J Ratnasingh's vision is to reach the unreached before 2000. His ministry area is the vast nation of India. He works with magazine, library, film, video and children's ministries.

Sheila Samuel
Sheila Samuel
A2B/15C Paschim Vihar
New Delhi
INDIA 110063

Sheila Samuel Video Production produces three video films each year to coincide with Christmas, Good Friday and Easter. The are broadcast on national television and satellite. Sheila works with crew she hires for each production and is keen to discover new partners.

Sitara Inc
Sitara Inc
PO Box 6891
Anna Nagar, Madras 600 040

(English PAL)


World Cassette Outreach of India
World Cassette Outreach of India
Sundara Rajan
National Director
90 Osborne Road
Bangalore 560 042
Karnataka, India
Phone: (080) 5560959

At World Cassette Outreach of India we have a lending library for audio and video cassettes. About 150 titles are available in English and Indian languages.

Mr. Michael Wozniak
Mr. Michael Wozniak
United States
Tel: 1-616-954-1350
Fax: 616-957-5741

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