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I am not familiar with all the titles below. I know there are many titles that are good evangelistic titles and not on this list.

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A Distant Thunder

A Distant Thunder is the second part of the Thief in the Night movie. A Distant Thunder presents the Seal Judgments of Revelation, the importance of Christ's redemption, and the cost of discipleship during persecution.

A Man Called Norman

This movie is about a social misfit who talks to himself a lot. Everybody makes fun of him except his neighbor. His neighbor befriended him and shared the Gospel with him.

A Place Called Home

A Place Called Home is about the story of six individuals who have come to Christ from difficult situations.

A Thief in The Night

A Thief In The Night depicts the awesome story of the rapture and the Great Tribulation, as foretold in the Bible. In this classic movie from 1972, Patty disregards the prophetic biblical warnings of the coming tribulation. Now the truth begins to unfold.

Appointment, The

This movie is about a writer who publishes anti-God articles for her local newspaper. One day a mysterious visitor comes to her office prophesying about her death, which will happen eight days from that time.

Are You Going to Heaven?
This video is mainly used for evangelism. It answers the question about where you will go when you die: heaven or hell.

Behind the Sun

This Christian drama is about a young Muslim who attended a college in America then went back to his family as a different person.

Burning Hell, The
This film is a Scriptural interpretation of what the Bible literally says about hell. This film portrays graphically what hell is and how horrible it is. It also provides a solution on how one can escape from hell.


young man searching for the father he never knew gets caught up in the raw underbelly of Amsterdam. An unwanted friend becomes his only hope for survival.

Charles Colson: Reluctant Prophet
A provocative journey from political scandal to Christian leadership. Charles Colson is a modern-day Jonah sounding the alarm after getting a second chance.



Christian motherhood - loving leadership of trusting children - facing difficulties together. These are concepts foundational in Part 2 of John Bunyan's classic work. See Christiana's family grow through their spiritual experiences, as they face together the difficulties that await them. Then at Pilgrim's Rest, they discover the meaning of the verse, "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." 80 minutes.

Climb, The
This movie is about the story of two men, one with a courageous heart who seeks God and the other with an independent spirit who relies on his strength.

Come the Morning
Come the Morning is the story of a mother and her children and their search for the father who abandoned them.

Crime of the Age
The Crime of the Age is a comedy-mystery about a detective who tries to figure out which one of the Bible camp's six staff members is not a Christian.

Cross and the Switchblade, The
The Cross and the Switchblade is about a minister who gets involved in the lives of members of a New York street gang.

Crossing, The
The Crossing is an excellent evangelistic film about a young man who comes back from the dead to show his friend the great love of Christ and truth about the cross. This film also showed a picture of what Christ did with our sins when He died.

Cry from The Mountain

Cry From The Mountain is an inspiring story about the power of Gods love to heal shattered lives.

Daylight Zone, The
The Pretender is the story of a worldly high school guy who pretends to be a Christian so he can start dating an unsuspecting Christian girl.

This two-part docudrama tells the story of the Mouk people from the remotest jungles of Papua New Guinea. Part one, "The Mouk Story", gives a picture of the dark and hard way of life in which these people had lived for centuries. It was unknown how they would respond to the gospel.

End of the Harvest
A college philosophy club meeting filled with atheists humiliate a new believer as he tries to prove to them the existence of God. As a result, a Christian out of fellowship with the Lord seeks revenge. He comes across a paper written 50 years ago regarding a theory a man had about when the world might end. With the paper in hand, he sets up a showdown with the club for their next meeting.

Escape From Hell
Escape From Hell is a drama story of a woman doctor who is conducting interviews with people having 'life after death' experiences. A skeptical medical doctor questions all of this and comes up with an idea to find out the truth for himself.

Eye of the Storm
A hotshot TV journalist returns from Operation Desert Storm to face personal storms within his family and his soul in this powerful video.

Final Exit
This is a hard hitting video drama about a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a convicted murderer and two professing Christian teenagers who die and face judgment. Who will spend eternity in heaven? This evangelistic drama brings life's most important question and answer to the forefront. There is heaven. There is a hell. There is a choice.

Flywheel is a story about a businessman who wants to sell used cars in the worst way. Then he comes face-to-face with the reality of how he truly conducts himself. This then changed his life.

For Pete's Sake
For Pete's Sake is both a comedy and a tragedy. This classic movie is about a family who is beginning their walk of faith encounters pitfalls that can make them stronger or send them reeling.

Fury to Freedom
This story focuses on Raul Ries' high school days, martial arts experiences, and early years of his marriage. With everything falling apart, and life about to come to an end, Raul became a street preacher.

Future Tense
Future Tense is about a college student who makes an audio tape to his family about a dream he had concerning future events.

Gathering, The
The Gathering is a powerful portrayal of Christ's return and the coming tribulation. In this film, Michael Carrie, a successful marketing executive is having visions that convinces him the Second Coming could happen at any time and does his best to warn his family and friends.

God's Story
The 80-minute video, God's Story: From Creation to Eternity, presents the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, this panorama of the Scriptures highlights God's plan to rescue fallen mankind.

Gospel of John

These are the true words of God created into a full feature film with the Gospel of John as the only scripts read by the actors.

Gospel of Matthew
Experience The Visual Bible - Matthew. This powerful and entertaining film is taken word for word from the Bible.

A crisis at harvest a family pushed to the edge a young boy's prayer echoing through Heaven. Inspired by a true story and rich with spiritual truth, The Harvest is a powerful modern-day parable that will touch your heart and encourage your soul.

Hiding Place, The
The Hiding Place is the story of Corrie ten Boom and her family. They worked with the underground resistance in Holland against the occupying Nazi army, providing a hiding place in their home for fleeing Jews. In the end, the Ten Boom family is betrayed and sent to Nazi concentration camps.

His Land
Religious feature film shot entirely on location in Israel in 1969. Pop crooner Cliff Richard tours around the holy sites where many of the most familiar Bible stories are believed to have taken place, and is inspired to perform a selection of songs based on his experience.

Homecoming, The


The Homecoming is a movie about a son who is returning home to the crazy antics of his family. On his return, everyone is forced to reconsider the things that are important in life.

Hope, The
This video provides answers to questions about the creation, heaven, hell, angels, sin, the Bible, Jesus Christ, and much more.

Hope for Forgiveness
Preaching and drama come together to lift your spirits. Billy Graham shows you the freedom forgiveness offers to us all.

Hope For The Family
Families are under tremendous pressure in today's world. But there is hope and Billy Graham will guides you through preaching and dramatic vignettes.

Hope For The Lonely
Drama & preaching show what a friend we have in Jesus. Billy Graham's practical insights will encourage everyone.

How To Be Sure Heaven Will Be Your Eternal Home
This is a 17-minute DVD presentation of the gospel professionally produced using the King James Version of the Bible.

Image of the Beast
Image of the Beast is the third series in the Thief In The Night movie. The story continues into the Trumpet Judgments, featuring the victory of believing in Jesus and the effects of spiritual blindness. It also depicts the story of the mid-years of the Great Tribulation foretold in biblical prophecy. The anti-Christ establishes a one-world government, while a small band of fugitives struggle to survive amid spectacular and terrifying judgments.

Invisible Enemies
This movie is a spiritual warfare thriller. It is about a young man who finds a pair of glasses which allows him to see the demonic world. This film brings to the forefront the serious spiritual battle all around us and has some good insight as to how it all works.

The Jesus film is a two-hour docudrama about the life of Jesus Christ based on the Gospel of Luke. This movie has been used several times in evangelistic rallies and events. It is available in many languages.

JESUS: Fact or Fiction?
JESUS: Fact Or Fiction? Includes information from scholars, historians, and writers proving the existence of Jesus. These experts offer evidence for the reliability of the Christian worldview and tackle dozens of the theological difficulties posed by non-Christians.

Jesus Movie, The
Introduce your little ones to the greatest story ever told! Based on the Read and Share Bible, this engaging 3-D animated film transports kids to the first century to witness the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The whimsical art style, powerful musical score, and simple narrative will captivate your 3- to 7-year-olds.

This movie is the true story of Joni Eareckson Tada. It tells about how God helped her through times of crisis. This is an inspiring movie that can also be used for evangelism.

Last Flight Out
Last Flight Out delves into important truths about family, friendship, and responsibility. The movie shows the virtues of hard work, forgiveness, and sacrificial love.

Late One Night
Three factory workers make their routine stop at a dinner late one night. Just before closing, a man comes in and takes a seat at the counter. One of the workers tries to strike up a conversation with the man but he doesn't respond. Disturbed by this, Larry persists and finds out the man is a Christian.

Lay It Down
Lay It Down is an explosive drama set against the teenage world of illegal street racing. This movie is a powerful, ground-breaking evangelistic film. Its compelling delivery and heart-pounding action make it a must see for teens and young adults.

Light of the World
This 78-minute film takes you on an unforgettable journey, showing the biblical account of the creation of man and the entrance of sin into the world.

Lost in Silver Canyon
While on vacation with their family, Joe and Vanessa are separated from their parents and find themselves stranded in a "deserted" ghost town. Trusting God to send someone to rescue them, the children decide to explore their mysterious surroundings. What they discover is suspense and excitement, and a new understanding of the Biblical truth that "all things work together for good to them that love God.

Love Note
Love Note follows the story of a Christian teenager named Craig who was looking for a challenge. This evangelistic drama is very well acted, heartfelt, funny, and ends well.

Lost in Silver Canyon/The Red Bicycle

The Red Bicycle is an intriguing, surprise-filled story of how God uses Miguel's stolen bicycle to bless him and his family.

M1028 is about the invisible struggle between right and wrong. It is a story of the physical death awaiting everyone and the certainty of the two resurrections on the other side: one a resurrection into life, the other into unspeakable horrors. Each is eternal, each the result of choices made while on earth.

Mars Hill Trilogy
This trilogy contains the three movies Without Reservation, Future Tense, and Moment of Truth. Though this film is not recommended for children, it can be used for evangelism purposes.

Mercy Streets
A story of redemption and forgiveness, Mercy Streets is a classic tale of deception and double cross.

Messiah: Prophecy Fulfilled, The
This drama shows how a rabbi becomes a true follower of Jesus Christ. After the resurrection, being filled with the Holy Spirit, Rabbi Yehudah zealously embarks on a journey to share the Good News with his people. His greatest challenge is to convince his Jewish family that the long awaited Messiah Son of David has finally come.

Moment After, The
A nice idea for a movie, this film starts the moment after the rapture occurs and features two FBI agents investigating the strange disappearance of millions of people.

No Greater Love
No Greater Love is about a wife who left her husband after a tragic incident. After years of disappearance, the wife reappears in the most unusual place.

No Longer Alone
No Longer Alone is a story about God's intervention at that desperate moment. It is about an actress who became suicidal after years of loneliness and neglect.

Now We See Clearly
Now We See Clearly provides an excellent overview of what Worldview Evangelism is all about. The Puinaves of Columbia had been taught the gospel, but not in their first language.

On the Edge
On The Edge is about a college student who bets with his college roommate above God's existence. He wants to prove God's existence but the problem is he doesn't know how.

Passion of the Christ, The
The Passion of the Christ is a film about the last twelve hours of Jesus of Nazareth's life.
This film is evangelistic if someone shares the gospel after the film is over.

Pilgrim's Progress

Journey with Pilgrim, as John Bunyan's famous allegory leaps from its pages in an exciting, easy-to-follow presentation. You'll experience the Slough of Despond, Hill of Difficulty, Vanity Fair. Meet Pliable. Mr. Obstinate. Worldly Wiseman. Evangelist. Mr. Interpreter, and Pilgrim's constant foe, Apollyon. Follow Pilgrim to the cross, and ultimately to the Celestial City.

Pilgrim's Progress: Journey to Heaven

Pilgrim's Progress: Journey to Heaven is a faithful and creative adaptation of John Bunyan's timeless classic. The genius lies in bringing Christian and his fellow travelers into a modern context.


Powerplay is a story about an ambitious and aggressive attorney with a Vancouver firm. Her win-at-all-costs mentality leaves her with a reputation for cutthroat practices. Robbie's challenge is to get the highest dollar possible for her client's sale of Vancouver's pro-hockey team. Her ace card is recruiting retired star Cody Harris to sign with the struggling team. What Robbie does not count on, however, is that Harris, whose past reputation as a brawler attracted the fans, has changed to become a Christian.

Prodigal, The
The parable of The Prodigal Son comes to life in this five-time award winner, The Prodigal.

Prodigal Planet, The
The Prodigal Planet is the fourth series in the Thief In The Night movie. The Bowl Judgments are poured out onto the earth. God's sovereignty can no longer be denied, and His divine protection covers His faithful remnant.

Prophecies of the Passion

Prophecies of the Passion is an extraordinary look at the Messianic prophecies fulfilled during the final week of Christ life on earth. The Gospels clearly describe Jesus betrayal, arrest, death, and resurrection. Remarkably, these events were foretold by Hebrew prophets in specific detail centuries before they actually occurred.

Repeat Performance
Repeat Performance is based on a true story of an abandoned child named Sean. His mother left him and his father committed suicide. God has a plan for his life, but it will take a miracle for Sean to see it.

Resurrection Trial (The Prosecutor)
This interesting drama portrays the events that followed the death and resurrection of Jesus as if they happened in modern times. A drama debating the evidence for and against Jesus resurrection in a modern trial setting. Suppose Jesus came today. A major media event results when stories circulate that a young teacher, recently put to death, has risen from the dead.

Ride, The
A tough cowboy meets his match in a boy who touches his life for eternity. Entertaining mix of emotion, action and humor as washed-up rodeo champ Smokey Banks forms an unlikely friendship with a courageous orphaned teen.

Road To Redemption
Amanda borrowed money from her boss. Now she is on the run from the Mob. Her rich grandfather sees straight through Amanda's plan. He's got a plan of his own, offering Amanda a deal and a trip. But her ultimate destination isn't exactly on the map.

Scars That Heal: True Life Story of Dave Roever
This movie is about rebuilding a life following a hand grenade accident in Vietnam. It is based on the true story of Dave Roever.

Second Glance
One of the most encouraging films that a Christian could watch, this motion picture is a Christian version of "It's a Wonderful Life". High school senior Dan does not think he's impacting anyone for the Lord. He thinks he's missing out on all the fun. So one day, he wishes he'd never become a Christian. He gets his wish...and then sees things from a very different perspective. A must for your entire family and every youth group.

Sex, Lies and the Truth
Sex, Lies, and the Truth is an entertaining and powerful video revealing the hard truths about sex today. Young viewers come face to face with the realities of unwanted pregnancies, STD's, and AIDS. They meet kids like themselves who gambled everything for a moment's fling- and those who lost it all to a deadly disease.

Shadow of the Boomerang
Two young Americans head an all-Australian supporting cast in a turbulent story of homestead life. Their arrival in Australia to manage a newly acquired ranch plunges the brother and sister into the midst of strange surroundings and personal

Shout For Joy
Shout For Joy is the dramatic true story of Rick Irons and his pursuit of a relationship, championship, and real direction in life.

Silver Belt, The
Thousands have come to Christ through The Silver Belt, a classic story of a Navajo Indian boy's conversation from the ways of the medicine man to Christ. Filmed on a Southwestern reservation in the 1950s, this evangelistic drama is used throughout America and Spanish speaking countries with great effect.

SIX: The Mark Unleashed
This film is a Christian action-drama set in the end-times.

So Who Is This Jesus?

Something To Sing About
Love changes people in this music-fueled drama that will have you singing, smiling and searching your heart. For the first time in his life, Tommy has something to hope for, something to live for, something to sing about. After getting out of jail, Tommy is pessimistic about what the future holds. When he meets Memaw, she helps him to find comfort with faith in God. Meanwhile, he finds an outlet for his vocal talent in the church and discovers love.

Somewhere Forever
Somewhere Forever is an excellent evangelistic tool and discussion starter. It explores the lives of three individuals who consider where they will spend eternity. Here is a familiar and basic Gospel presentation in a contemporary setting, introducing people to the meaning of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The program emphasizes that if we were able to get to heaven on our own merit and works, then Jesus would not have had to die on the cross for our sins.

Story of Jesus for Children, The
The Jesus film has been made available for children, too. You can watch the full movie from the Jesus website. It is also available in many languages.

Taliabo Story and Delivered from Darkness, The
Watch the powerful story of victory over demonic forces among the Taliabo people, and develop a biblical perspective on spiritual warfare. This film is 71 minutes long and worth watching.

Thin Ice
Vince, a college student, loves the mountains, skiing and fun, so an invitation to Lake Tahoe is a no-brainer. However, the trip includes people from a church group, and six strong sets of opinions about God soon collide. Vince's weekend of fun is threatened as tensions rise and sparks fly. This thought provoking drama combines plenty of action and humor both on and off the slopes.

Time to Run


This is a film by Billy Graham that shows how a generational wall can be broken down and through Jesus Christ, how a family can be brought back together.

Touch of the Master's Hand
The Touch of the Master's Hand is an inspirational and captivating film that speaks eloquently to the worth and potential of every individual. This film parable, based on the beloved poem by Myra Brooks Welch, illustrates why all life is valuable and that anyone can find renewal and begin again.

Visions of Gold
See the winning spirit behind historic Olympians. Throughout history, Olympians like Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens, Eric Liddel and Janet Lynn have relied on a higher power.

This story is about a grocery store owner, Eli Zeal, who is accidentally shot by a ten year-old boy named Thaniel Battle. When his mother, Tyree, sees what her son has done, she panics and takes the wounded Zeal to her hometown of Waterproof, Louisiana. Eli, in no condition to run, must adapt to Tyree's dysfunctional family that includes an alcoholic brother and two parents who obviously have no faith in their daughter. Soon Eli, who has lost his own family, finds himself identifying with Tyree and doing what he can to restore the familial bonds that have been broken.

What's A Christian?
British evangelist Ian Knox explains in this video what Christianity is, how to become a follower of Christ, and what steps to take after choosing to become a Christian.

Where Will You Spend Eternity?
This 17-minute DVD presentation explores the most important question you will ever answer. This video is available in English and Spanish languages.

Without Reservation
Without Reservation is about six teenagers who leave a party and get in an automobile accident. This film packs a powerful punch and brings forth the reality that eternity is coming.

World That Perished, The
This is a 35-minute documentary about the Genesis flood. It brings to light the scientific and historic evidence that God's judgment of Noah's flood was real and global. It reveals fascinating facts and planet-changing nature of the Flood.

Years Of The Beast
An unbelieving college professor experiences the rapture and is left behind. As a result, he must go through the tribulation. This is one of the best of all the end times films. Certainly good to view for seekers and skeptics. Well produced and feature length.

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