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English and Spanish 16mm Films

Below are films available in 16mm. They are available in English and Spanish and sometimes other languages. The prices below are not current. If you have any questions, please contact

Gospel Films
Gospel Films
Gospel Communications International
PO Box 455
Muskegon, Michigan 49443
fax 616-777-1847
1-800-253-0413 ext 215
fax: 231-777-1847

English and Spanish 16mm Lease films

Bamboo in Winter ~ $536
Climb a Tall Mountain ~ $380
The Crossing ~ $300
Cry for Freedon ~ $378
Free Forever ~ $520
The Last Out ~ $292
My Brother's Keeper ~ $347
Peace Child ~ $281
Run to the Sea ~ $517
Something to Live For ~ $466
Through Gates of Splendor ~ $348
The Wait of the World ~ $745
Welcome Home ~ $506
What's Up Josh? ~ $514

Jesus Film Project

On their web page, it has a list of all the languages available for the "Jesus" 16mmfilm

Jesus $1200 + $25 shipping (USA) (Jesus Film Project)



The following are the last published lease fees for 16mm English and Spanish prints. You will need to add 15% to these costs, as our lab informed us that prices have gone up this much. Sorry. 16mm is very expenive now.


1. THE ANSWER, (LA RESPUESTA), 45 Minutes, One print $600, 2 or more $445@. Video - $19.95

2. THE BOOK THAT WOULD NOT BURN, (EL LIBRO QUE NO SE QUEMARIA), 64 Minutes, One print $775, 2 or more $555@.

3. CHRISTIANA, (CRISTIANA - EL PROGRESO DEL PEREGRINO, PART 2), 80 Minutes, One print $920, 2 or more $650@. Video - $29.95

4. DOMBI, 30 Minutes, One print $380, 2 or more $290@. Video -$14.95

5. ELEPHANT BOY, (EL NINO Y ELEFANTE), 40 Minutes, One print $520, 2 or more $380@. Video - $14.95

6. THE ENEMY, (EL ENEMIGO), 69 Minutes, One print $810, 2 or more $575@. Video - $24.95

7. HIDDEN ISLAND (LA ISLA ESCONDIDA), 30 Minutes, One print $420, 2 or more $320@. Video - $14.95

8. HUDSON TAYLOR, 90 Minutes, One print $l,020, 2 or more $710@. Video - $29.95

9. JOURNEY TO THE SKY, (CAMINO AL CIELO), 44 Minutes, One print $550, 2 or more $405@. Video - $19.95

10. THE LITTLE LOST BOAT, (EL PEQUENO BARCO PERDIDO), 27 Minutes, One print $385, 2 or more $245@. Video - $14.95

11. MUD, SWEAT, & CHEERS (FANGO, SUDOR, Y ALEGRIA), 56 Minutes, One print $695, 2 or more $505@. Video - $24.95

12. NOAH'S ARK & THE GENESIS FLOOD, (EL ARCA DE NOE Y EL DILUVIO DE GENESIS), 52 Minutes, One print $665, 2 or more $485@.

13. PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, (EL PROGRESO DEL PEREGRINO), 72 Minutes, One print $830, 2 or more $590@. Video - $29.95

14. YONEKO, 40 Minutes, One print $515, 2 or more $380@. Video - $19.95

Shipping and Handling for 16mm films - No charge. Shipping for Videos is $4.50 for one tape with $.50 for each additional. Shipping outside the USA is extra.


Mustard Seed International

Mustard Seed International
Russ Doughten Films
Heartland Productions
Mark IV Films
5907 Meredith Drive
Des Moines, Iowa 50322 USA
FAX: 1-515-334-0460
PHONE: 1-800-247-3456

Thief in the Night (Mark 4 Films) $250 3 year lease, $550 new
A Distant Thunder (Mark 4 Films) $250 3 year lease, $675 new producers of the four video prophecy series videos which are effective and popular evangelistic videos $19.95 each at the above number

UNUSUAL FILMS Distribution
UNUSUAL FILMS Distribution
1809 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Suite 130
Greenville, SC 29609
Janet Resue
Phone: (864) 609-5500
Gospel Fellowship Association

We have three English and Spanish films: one feature film Flame in the Wind (LLAMAS EN EL VIENTO) ($1200 five year lease) and two illustrated sermon classic films- You Can't Win (USTED NO PUEDE GANAR ($400 five year lease) and Calvary CALVARIO ($500 five year lease). If you would like us to send you (by first-class mail) a catalog describing the films, a price list, a sample contract, and a lease order form, please let us know your address.

Estus Pirkle Evangelistic Association
Estus Pirkle Evangelistic Association
PO Box 80
Myrtle, Mississippi 38650 USA
(601) 988-2219

Estus Pirkle has the effective evangelistic film "The Burning Hell" in 16mm. The film is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Estus Pirkle has another film in 16mm named "The Believer's Heaven" in English and Spanish.

"The Burning Hell" is one of the best and most effective evangelistic films in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Millions of people have been saved in Spanish and English speaking countries through this film.

The lifetime lease agreement for the 16mm film is $1300 US dollars.
The cost to rent the 16mm film for one showing is $75 US dollars.

An package of posters or bulletin inserts for the films is available in English only for $8.00.

World Trust Films, World Film Crusade

World Trust Films, World Film Crusade
John Gibson
P.O. Box 20888
Tampa, FL 33622
Cross and The Switchblade $1500 (World Thrust)

Day Star
Day Star
326 South Wille Avenue,
Wheeling, IL 60090-4999

We only have the one title in Spanish, Un Tipo Comun y Corriente.
used 16mm films $250 to $500 each
new films over $1000
This film is for Christians

Films for Chirst / Eden Communications
PO Box 200
Gilbert, AZ 85299-0200 USA
Ph. (800) 332-2261

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